Origin of English word RIGHT

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[D-R-KH → R-KH-D → R-GH-T]


The assumed Indo-European “root” of RIGHT, reg -1 (to move in a straight line…lead, rule), recalls the irrelevant Latin reger (to lead straight, guide, rule).  But it does not reflect the obvious German cognates of RIGHT, such as richten (to set right, direct), Richter (judge), richtig  ( right, correct, proper… the right direction), Richtlinien (directions), Richtung (direction, course, way) and Richtwaage (level, literally “right way”).  These definitions echo  דרך DeReKH (way – Genesis 3:24, even though the dental has to move after the reg-like core root.  To RIGHT has never meant to lead in the right way, while Dalet-Resh-Khafgave rise to הדריך HiDReeYKH, to direct, and   מדריך  MaDReeYKH, guide.


To RECTIFY and CORRECT that which is crooked is what the AHD wants to bend their theoretical root to mean.  Both, however, have better sound and sense with DeReKH – see DIRECTION.  At this entry one sees that RIGHT (not left) is derecha in Spanish.  This RIGHT is rechts in German and Dutch.

As seen above, both the RIGHT direction and what is RIGHT and proper are clearly from the Dalet-Resh-Khaf of Edenic.  That Dalet/D, now shifted to T, belongs here. The AHD tries to trash the dental as they straightjacket RIGHT words into the fake “root” reg.

 For DEXTERITY, from the theoretical deks-tero, add TaK[H]aS at SOUTH to our DeReKH. The AHD’s cognates for the reg -1 Indo-European “root” are at entries like RACK, REGULAR and REICH.” 

In Old Irish, recht, law  is another M231 metathesis of DeReKH as “the way to go.”

In a similar way, YoSHeR (righteousness, law) is linked to YaSHaR, straight, correct, and HaLaKHaH (law) is linked to HaLaKH (he went).


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Dieter   12/15/2014 9:08:00 AM
Ambidextrous means two right hands :3

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