Origin of English word ROOM

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[RN → RM]


closet, chest, coffin


The theoretical Indo-European “root” of ROOM is reu[e], space. An earlier Indo-European base is projected to be rewos, wide, broad. These are a match for 1. Resh-Vav-Het, רוח ReVa[K]H, space, (Genesis 32:17) as in sufficient room and a related term, Resh-Het-Bhet, רחב Ra[K]Ha[V], wide, broad (Isaiah 30:23). The two Resh-Het and different bilabials words are built-in synomyms by metathesis.

The etymology then cites actual words, like Anglo-Saxon rum and German raum,  space. For this Liquid-Nasal sound and the sense of a spacial room, the heading word is chosen -- even though   ארון AhROAN (closet,chest, coffin) is a narrow room (Genesis 50:26). A more spacious room word is ארמון   ARMOAN.  It is often mistranslated as “palace” (house with many rooms), but in Psalms 122:7 it is parallel with “inner walls” and is more logically rendered as “rooms.”Another liquid-N room is in I Kings 6:3.  א-ל-ם Aleph-Vav-Lamed-Mem, אולם  OoWLahM, is a front-room or “porch.”


Cognates are RURAL, RUSTIC and RUMMAGE. RANSACK is from Old Norse rann, a house. Closer to our RMN “palace” word.  An Indonesian house is a rumah; likely a one-room house. 

Bible Verses

Genesis 50:26 וימת יוסף בן־מאה ועשׂר שׁנים ויחנטו אתו ויישׂם בארון במצרים׃

“So Joseph died, being a hundred and ten years old. And they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt.” (JPS)



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