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RUM, now obsolete, meant great or excellent. RUMMER is a glass to raise a public toast with; it derives from Dutch roemen (to praise).

רם RahM means high and exalted (Isaiah2:13-14; Isaiah6:1).  רמה RaMaH means flagrantly or publicly exalted (Exodus14:8; Numbers15:30). רמה  RaMaH means a high place (Deuteronomy 12:2).

רמם RaMaM is lofty or high. הרמה   HaRaMaH is to raise  (Exodus 7:20).     רם RahM is the adjective “mighty” in  Deuteronomy 1:28.

  The built-in antonym for an exalted, RAMPANT (raised up, exalted – see below) animal is the lowly רמה    ReeMaH (worm – Exodus 16:24).  The ר Resh can also be WR in   רמה    WReeMaH. רמה      ReeMaH  is also to cheat, deceive (Genesis 29:25) or to be lowly enough as to worm one’s way into something,  There’s also רמש RoMahS (to crawl, creep or teem with vermin – Genesis 8:17) and       רמיסה RiMeeY$aH (trampling).  The רמה    ReeMaH (worm – Exodus 16:24) is thus “the lowly creep”  -- the opposite of ר-ם   Resh-Mem greatness.   An emotion opposite of ר-ם R-M highs may be seen, reversed, in the מר   M-R lows at MOROSE.  More Resh-Mem highness and exaltedness  in animals  at RAM.


RaMeeYM are the heights of heaven.  MaROAM is the more common form, meaning not just heaven but any heights or elevation.  There ought to be many “heaven” terms from this Resh-Mem root. “Sky” in German (capital H), Yiddish (one M) and the Scandinavian languages  is himmel. RM has reversed, and there was a liquid shift of Resh/R to L.

German Ruhm isglory; ruhmlich  means glorious, laudable.

RahM  (exalted) makes a fine source for large: as  in Malay: Bantek ramoh; eraamei in Malay:Camarian; L-M in five other dialects  and reversed in Rumanian mare (large).MaROAM means height, or high places – Judges 5:18.  [K]HeRMOAN (Joshua 11:17) is the higest mountain peak in Israel, south of Lebanon.  The Het-Resh of this mountain’s name is from the Hey-Resh of HaR (mountain – see OROLOGY).  Similarly, HaRaM is a pyramid.  The earlier step pyramids were like RAMPS.  RAMP and RAMPANT are from Old French ramper, to climb or rear up. The so-called IR root is scerbh (to turn, bend). A tall RAMPART should also be from our Resh-Mem.  RaMaH is a height or hill.  ROMP and RIM refer to the public and to the raised connotations of Resh-Mem/RM. A RAM (pump) raises water.

  Merina means “the high people” in Malagasy (Madagascar).  The hills of ROME are echoed in Resh-Mem high words like RaMOAT (heights, high ground - IKings22:3). 

RahM (exalted) is often used in the context of the Almighty; RAMA (Sanskrit) is a Hindu deity. IRMA is also associated with a deity; perhaps RAMSES and ROME are too. MaRAh (an RM reversal) means "Lord" in Aramaic.  Marya is the exalted deity of Syriac.

RAMP, RAMPAGE, RAMPANT and ROAM are all words of rising, climbing up and rearing up.  See RAMPANT, rearing animals at RAM.

Add Ayim to Resh-Mem to get [A]hRahM (to make piles).  HayReeYM is to raise, lift or exalt; Chinese lin is to lift (R → L).  Malay and Malaysia were named for the Sanskrit word for mountain, malaya. This LM is a shifted reversal of RaMaH (high place).

Reversing to MR we get MORRO and MORAINE, terms for a hill, bluff or projecting rock.  MORE and CLAYMORE are from Old English and Gaelic words for "great."  LOOM (to appear large) has an unsure etymology, and might well come from a liquid shift of the Resh-Mem high and exalted terms  here.

Built-in “antonyms” for all this RM greatness, blatant ROMPING and high climbing include  ReeMaH (worm),  ReeMaH (to cheat, deceive or worm one’s way into something),  RoMayS (to crawl, creep or teem with vermin) and  RiMeeY$aH (trampling).  The ReeMaH (worm) is thus “the lowly creep”  -- the opposite of Resh-Mem greatness.

Lani (R = L and M = N) means heaven and majesty in Hawaiian. A similar R to L shift, plus a reversal of our RM root, gets us in view of German Himmel (sky, heaven – similar in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Yiddish). Extensions of Resh-Mem infer the Most High and His lofty abode.  For  Resh-Mem as physically on top , see CREAM.  See  RAM.

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