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[SH-KH → SG]


To SAG is linked to Swedish sacka (to sink), Danish Sakke (to drop astern) and Middle Dutch zakken (to subside). The Indo-European “root” for SAG and SINK is seng(w) (to sink).

 SHaK[H] is to sink or bow down (Isaiah51:23), and  SHaQ[A]h is to sink, dip, subside or "abate" (Numbers11:2).  For SINK (see SINK) to come from Edenic requires a slight shift of fricatives and gutturals plus a nasalization.  Nonetheless, one should consider words as diversified at Babel rather than SUNK in corruption.


SHaK[H]ahT (Isiaah 51:14)  means pit or grave (a SUNKEN place);  SHeQ[A]h  is the Modern Hebrew term for an electrical  SOCKET.  SHaKHaKH also means to abate.

SHaGAh (to grow) and SHaGaH (to increase) are SG built-in opposites. So the fricative-guttural sound and sense can ZIGZAG up and down (see further down). The N of SINK and of the Indo-European “root” se(n)gw is a  nasalization (N added), while  SHaKHaBH (to lie down) might explain the W in sengw – see   SUCCUBUS.  (Hee)SeeYG is to move back; (Na)SOAG is to turn back. Reversing to  GS, (Na)GaSH is to recede (like sagging). It also means, paradoxically, to draw near or approach. Samekh-Vav-Gimel, $OOG, also means to go back, draw back (Psalms 53:4).  All the fricative-guttural SAGGING down and turning back up recalls ZIGZAG, and an emotional zigzag is seen with the backslider, $OOG LaiBH, of Proverbs 14:14.

There is no known source for ZIGZAG, a design style of sharp, consecutive  angles or steps.  Webster’s guesses that it might come from German zacke, a tooth.  The entry just above it in Webster’s is ZIGGURAT.  From Assyrian, this Babylonian terraced, step temple conveys all the zigzag design that any lexicographer without Semito-phobia could ever ask for.  The historical Tower of Babel sites, although archeologists have different opinions, all involve  a ziggurat.   The pyramid builders of Central and South America remembered how to build ziggurats from back in Shinar (Sumer) before the nations and languages were spun off from the original Edenic language and stock. Geneteicists have proven that the entire planet’s diversity began with one woman’s (knicknamed “Eve”) mitochondrial DNA.  The first Egyptian pyramids also had this step design, but later a smooth, conical shape  was developed.  The Tower of Babel’s zigzag shape of increasingly smaller platforms was to allow the subjects of Nimrod to climb above any future Deluge and therefore be above divine retribution for misconduct.

There is a city and university of Zagazig on the Nile Delta northeast of Cairo, Egypt. So, it is time to pull the teeth on the German zacke theory.

Saka is to slope down in Japanese.   SLOUCH (no Indo-European “root”) might be related if the liquid has been added (see SMIRK).    More GS antonyms at KISS.

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