Origin of English word SALVATION

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Latin salvus means whole, safe, healthy and uninjured; the alleged Indo-European “root” is sol (whole). שלוה SHaLVaH is peace, quiet and ease; its SLV roommate at Psalms122:7 is  שלום SHaLOAM (peace – hear Shin-Lamed-Mem SILENCE at SOLEMN). Her twin sister is  שלם SHaLaiM (whole, healthy, uninjured). Shi-Lamed/ SH-L or SL is the two-letter root – see   SLAM. The Shin-Lamed/ SL family of loosened tensions is seen at LOOSE.

The Shin-Lamed theme is set by שלה   Shin-Lamed-Hey (to be secure – Jeremiah 12:1), שלו SHaLahV (to be at rest – Job 3:26), שלו   SHaLaiV (tranquil – Jeremiah של י   SHiLeeY 49:31) and is rest, quiest – II Samuel 3:27. For the Shin-Lamed subroot at work, see SHIELD.


Listed cognates at IE “root” sol include CONSOLIDATE, SAFE, SAGE, SALUBRIOUS, SALUTE, SALUTORY, SALVAGE (to save), SALVO, SAVE, SOLEMN and SOLID. See EXULT and SOLEMN for alternative etymons.  SALVE is not listed here, but שלו SHeLeV (ease -- Psalms 30:7) is a better etymon for soothing ointment, SALVE,  than the invented Indo-European “root” selp  (fat, butter) which has no convincing cognates.

SALVE is also a verb of soothing and easing.

In Modern Greek “safe” is asfalis. This is an M132 metathesis of SHaLVaH.  Shin-Lamed-Mem and Shin-Lamed-Vav are often together in the Bible, so El SALVADOR and JERUSALEM are linked to SALVATION.  SHaBHaH is to take capture during war (Deuteronomy21:10), but a typical built-in opposite is SHaBH (to return home … to SAFETY).  As Abraham does for Lot,  returning a captive is to SAVE or to SALVAGE that person. If hoarding or SAVING loot does not evoke a spiritual SAVIOR,  SHaBH also means to repent, to return, to restore and to redeem. SAFE might also be influenced by     ספן   $aF a N (covered, secured - Deuteronomy33:21), a variant of  צפון TSaPH OON (hidden, closeted away – Exodus 2:2). In Chinese pien so is a closet or privy; read the syllables backwards to find the hidden TSaPHOON. So, SAFE and SAFETY may not be cognates of SALVATION.

In Spanish there is salvacion (salvation), salvador (savior), salvar (rescue) and salvo (safe).  EDK links SALUTE, (Italian salute and Spanish salud, heath), and  SALUTATION to Latin salvus – which takes us back to SHaLVaH.

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