Origin of English word SAMURAI

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guard or watchman


A SAMURAI was the Japanese royal guard. A   שומר SHOAMeR is a guard or "watchman"- Songs3:3.    שמורה  SHiMOORaH

isa trigger guard in Modern Hebrew.


S(H)aMOOR is watched, guarded or preserved. This term is interchangeable with ZAKHOR ("remember" – see   the 4th of the Ten Commandments at Exodus20:8 and Deuteronomy5:12). The Indo-European “root” smer (to remember) is another form of preserving or keeping. Helping to form that reconstructed, theoretical Indo-European “root” is the anctual Sanskrit word smrt, to remember or be mindful.  “Keeping in mind” is both guarding and remembering. “Remember the Sabbath day”  is obviously about more than not forgetting. The "S" of smer was subsequently forgotten, but its legacy includes MEMORIAL(IZE), MEMORY and MOURN.  Other Sanskrit SMR “mind " words reinforce the fact that MEMORIZE forgot its initial-S.  Someone with a sharp memory we think of as SMART.  The brainy SMART has no Indo-European “root.”

Hungarian also has SMR SMART words.To know is ismerni; knowledge is  ismeret

and  known is ismert.

 Germanic scrim (a guard, protection) and German schinn (screen, protection) are but a letter flip away from Shin-Mem-Resh / SMR.  SCREEN, SCRIMMAGE, and SKIRMISH are therefore related. In Chinese, zhen is to guard and shenlu(te) is prudent. The samurai's code of honor is the Bushido. In Japanese 1) bu is military, 2) shi is man and 3) do is a code. In Hebrew  (TSa)BHaH is military, 2) EeYSH is man and 3)  [A]iD  is a CODE or law.  In Genesis 31:1, SHaMaR means awareness, like Hungarian ismer (to know).

A word similarly meaning to watch or guard is also formed of a fricative, nasal plus a Resh: NaTSaR (The verb is in Proverbs 13:3; the noun as watchmen on the watchtower is in II Kings17:9 – a sense which gave rise to NoTSRiM as Christians.  An animal with storied vision is only a fricative shift off, as NeSHeR is an eagle. The Edenic eagle is named for its unique ability to nose-dive a mile down, or to Noon-Shin-Lamed to fall (now fail).

Bible Verses

Song of Solomon 3:3 מצאוני השׁמרים הסבבים בעיר את שׁאהבה נפשׁי ראיתם׃

“The watchmen that go about the city found me: ‘Saw ye him whom my soul loveth?’”



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