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[SH-K-L → SKL]


To SCALE is to weigh;    שקל  SHaQaL (to weigh) is how Abraham "weighed" the 400 SHEKELS of silver in Genesis23:16 when purchasing Hebron.  As is so often the case, the Edenic Shin shifts to a n Indo-European S. The Aramaic   תקל  TeQeL (weighed) from the handwriting on the wall (Daniel5:25) displays the usual SH → T shift from the Hebrew (see TAURUS.  Ignoring patriarchal title deeds and prophetic graffiti, SCALE, as in ESCALATE or ECHELON, is credited to Latin scala (stairs, ladder) and the  so-called IE  root skand (to leap, climb). For the Hebrew source of the Latin and IE   S - K terms, add an nonhistoric S to a couple of guttural (K) words - a phenomenon very common here in the "SC" part of this dictionary. First add an S to קום    QOOM (to rise) to see words like SCAMPER. Then, add the S to   עלה GHaLaH (to go up) to bring ESCALATOR into view.   מעלה  Ma[A]LaH or MaGHaLaH means steps or stairs in Exodus20:23.


For the SCALE connected to SCALL and SHELL see CALIBER. Hebrew connections to   שקל SHaQaL (to weigh, ponder) include SaKHahL (to be wise), SHeeGHaR (to measure) and  SHa’[A]R or SHaGHaR (market, price, value). The Scandinavian SKILLING and English SHILLING are small coins whose etymology weighs heavily upon the  שקל SHeQeL. One third of a SHEKEL (coin) is a PeeYM (ISamuel13:21), a possible influence on the word PENNY. With the drop of the initial S and a liquid shift, שקל  SHaQahL appears in Japanese hakari (balance, scales). In Russian shkala (scale) covers the noun, while Skol ’kah   (How much? How many?) covers the verb  שקל SHaQeL (to weigh) .

Returning to our ESCALATOR, Spanish has many “scale” words of ascending: e scala (ladder), escalada (escalation), escalador (climber), escalar (climb), and escalera (stairs).   Typical of many SCALE words, German Skala . scale, is used for the radio dial.

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