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The Indo-European root of SCAR issker- 1 , also ker  (to cut). This addresses the first SCAR defined in Webster’s:  “a projecting or isolated rock.” This is from Old Norse sker.

For KR cutting, see "CURT;" for fricative-liquid-guttural rocks, see SILICON.

  זכר   ZaKHahR is to “pierce, impress, hence to remember” (Harkavy – Genesis 41:9).  The isolated, projecting object recalls male anatomy.  זכר   ZaKHahR is a male (Exodus 34:19). Neuorolgy tells us that the expression of a memory “making an impression on us” is literally true in the brain.  SCARRING from a lost love can inspire a lyric like, “The first cut is the deepest.”   SCARS from the Holocaust need generations, not merely decades, to heal.  The Bible demands that we זכור ZeKHOAR (remember!) events over millennia ( Deuteronomy 32:7).

The next three definitions of SCAR in Webster’s are a mark of a flesh wound, any similar blemish left over, and “the result left on the mind after suffering or anguish. The dictionary, mark of a burn). The theme here is memory of trauma, but because a SCAR can come from a burn, and because Western etymology is but  educated guesswork,  Webster’s traces the term to Greek eschara (fireplace … thus scar of a burn.)  K-R burning words, like   כיר QeeYR (hearth, cooking-furnace – Exodus 12:11)  and  כור    KOOR (furnace, crucible -- Deuteronomy4:20) are at hot entries like CHAR. HEARTH” and  “SCORCH  Guttural-liquid  synonyms like  קלי QaLeeY (toast, roast) and antonyms like   קר QahR (cool) are at “CRYOGENESIS.” 


French cuire (cook, bake) is from כור KooR (furnace…oven).

Japanese always forgets final-Rs, but “recollection” is tsuioku.

Memorable noun forms are זכר ZayKHeR, זכר ZeKHeR (remembrance, memory - Exodus17:14) or  זכרון ZiKaR(OAN) (memorial, record - Exodus13:9).

A SCAR is a record or remembrance of any trauma or cut, a keeping score,

so see SCORE.

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