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[GH-R-BH → (+S)KRB]


This beetle is scarabeus in Latin, but karabos (beetle) in Greek. Once again, almost every S before a C is nonhistoric. (Just as a “scoop” is a “cup,” “scalp” is an Ayin-Lamed-Phey skin word, and “scarf” is an Ayin-Resh-Phey

neck word – see CUP, SCALP,  SCARF and SCRUFF.

The SCARAB, the black winged dung beetle, was historically deified and sculpted on tombs and jewelry by the ancient Egyptians. Precisely because of this worshipful beetlemania, M.M. Kolisch (British Bible commentator, 1828-1885) is probably correct to translate the fourth plague of Egypt, the ערב   [A]RoaBH or GHaRoaBH - Exodus8:17, 8:21 KJV), as "beetles" instead of a "swarm of flies." Some translations render ערב GHaRoaBH as a “mixture” of animals, since ערוב   Ayin-Resh-Vav-Bhet means mixture. 

All ten plagues executed “judgments” against the various gods of Egypt --  Exodus 12:12. These include: the deified Nile River (marred by blood, then frogs), Ra the sun-god (obscured by locusts and darkness),  Egypt’s pride in skin-deep beauty and agricultural wealth (boils, hail) and primogeniture ( death of the firstborn.)  The scarab plague of these stinging dung beetles was a “judgment” against their animism, using the very animal the  Egyptians deified.  A senseless plague of “mixed” animals lacks both the natural and theological aspect of the ten plagues.  Clinching the case for the extra S of SCARAB, scarab in Egyptian is a’ov.  

The first two-letters of guttural Ayin and Resh, echoes the  subroot of hardness, the Koof-Resh of        קרן QeReN (horn)  of various crustaceans or hard–shelled creatures of all kinds.  The Edenic scorpion, (with the guttural or “Sephardic” Ayin/GH) is the GHaQRahBH  (Genesis 8:15) – see the varaieties of COCKROACH below and the CRAB entry.  The second part of ערב  [A]RoaBH, the Resh-Bet, means multitude (see RABBLE at RIFE) – so it is a fine swarming term.


CARBINE (the rifle) is from the French beetle, the scarabee. The Italian cockroach is a scarafaggio. Cockroach words often bear the hard, guttural Ayin/GH of the Edenic scorpion, the GHaQRahBH: cafard: kakkerlak: Dutch  (S-L, similar in Danish, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish),French (M132) and the musical cucaracha: Spanish   Other creatures dressed with armor for (S)CRAPPING or for  QRaBH (battle) like the shelled scorpion. Other GHaQRaBH creatures, like the CRAY(FISH) are seen at CRAB. QLeeYPaH is a shell (KLP shifts to KRB). A GRUB is the worm-like larva of insects, "especially of a beetle' - (Webster's).  For the bogus initial-S, see SCALLOP and SCOOP.

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Michael Pariser   12/28/2016 8:53:00 PM
Hi, Isaac. Ran into Mitch First today, who told me about this ערוב - scarab identification, and pointed the way to your website. I have often wondered why the meaning of ערוב was so unclear, and I have to say that your explanation seems compelling -- at least to a layman. Hope you and yours are well. חג חנוכה שמח Michael

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