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Old French escreppe meant a purse suspended around the neck; a SCARF now indicates any neckerchief, especially those worn for warmth. There is no Indo-European “root” available for SCARF.  CRAVAT (necktie) ties the knot in the case for guttural-liquid-bilabial neck terms. (S)CARF and (es)creppe should lose the initial "ES" or "S" added to so many guttural (K,C) roots – see SCOOP..

 The KRP root here is   ערף   GHoRePH or [O]ReF (neck - Leviticus 5:8). SCARF is another neck word from Ayin-Resh-Fey – see SCRUFF and GIRAFFE.    An alternative etymon that addresses the “S” but not the “R” of SCARF is the concealing “veil” of Genesis 24:65, the TSaGHeeYF.


The French scarf , echarpe, correctly has no initial S.

If the Russian scarf (sharf) suggests a different origin, there's always Arabic isharb (scarf) for a softer Semitic etymon. The dictionary lapses to folk etymology in trying to trace the CRAVAT to the scarves worn by Croatian (Krawat in German dialect) soldiers. A necktie in Serbo-Croatian is a Kravata; the Spanish is corbata and the Portuguese gravata.

Just as Arabic raqaba (neck) is a #l-#2 letter flip of GH-R-PH (neck), Serbo-Croatian vrat (neck) is a #1-#2 metathesis of Ri[V]eeD (collar, necklace - Genesis41:42). Resh-Bhet-Dalet is a secondary etymon for CRAVAT;  K’RBHeeD could mean "like a necklace or collar." Serbo-Croat (ovratnik) and Russian (varatnik) are terms for "collar" that came from RaBHeeYD, as did Dutch boord (collar).

KERCHEIF does has a reasonable etymology (Old French covrechef, head-cover). So the Edenic source is likely at COVER plus CAPITAL, rather than here with the other guttural-liquid or fricative-bilabial scarves and veils

See GIRAFFE and SCRUFF. For the bogus initial-S of SCARF, see SCALLOP.

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