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[S-KH- R]


All the meanings of SCORE are linked, as usual, to the one available etymon that seems closest. Old Norse skor is a notch, tally or twenty (20). The given etymons, Indo-European “root”s sker and ker (to cut), take us to cognates SCAR (see SCAR), SHEAR, SHORT, and CURT.

Hebrew has KR cutting words like K[H]aRaR (to bore),  K[H]oaR (hole - IIKings12:10), K[H]aRaTS (to cut into),  K[H]aRaDT (to engrave, chisel), K[H]aRaQ (crack – see   CRACK), KaRaT (to cut) and QaTSaR (to cut, reap, to be short – see   CURT).

SCORE doesn't mean a "notch" in usage, so supplemental Hebrew etymons are noteworthy for the word's other connotations. SCORE is an "account" or a "sum due," "anything offered as a reason or motive" (Webster's)  SaKHaR is reward, hire;  [K]HaKaR means to hire or rent – see HIRE. S'KheeR(OOT) means salary, wages or rent.  S(H)AKHAR is a price; SaKHaR (profit) fits the 9th definition of SCORE, "to achieve credit or success."  There is a connection between keeping SCORE in one's mind (remembering) and making a notch.  Science shows that זכר ZaKHaR (to remember) is literally to make an impression, to notch a groove in the floppy disk of our brain.  SHaGHaR (valve, measure - Genesis26:12) might have influenced both SCORE and SHARE.


Japanese “recollection” is tsuioku. German Zeche (score, reconing, bill) is also a fine זכר ZayKHaR (remembrance – Exodus 3:15).  A final Resh/R is often forgotten.  The SCORE-SCAR connection is also reinforced as the German also means a coal-pit and colliery. זכר  ZaKHaR, to be born a male (Exodus 34: 19 -- from a verb of piercing, pricking…making a SCAR). Making a SCAR is what strip mining does, the usual mining of antiquity.

Dropping the initial fricative, Kiri is a cutting or cut in Japanese. As for the Old Norse sense of twenty (20), the core of the Hebrew twenty - GH-S-R (ten) - is a #1-#2 root letter swap away from skor (tally twenty). (G and K are interchangeable gutturals.) GHaSaR is to decimate or tithe.

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