Origin of English word SCRAMBLE

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[GH-R-BH-L → (S) KRB+ML]


There was no IE  root to creatively reconstruct for SCRAMBLE. The AHD thinks that this word meaning “to mix haphazardly” (3rd definition) is from a blend of “scamble”, to struggle for, and “cramble,” to crawl.  Etymolgies like this are worth dismissing, as is an initial S before a guttural, and a -LE suffix.  To get to our usuable three-consonant Semitic source, we can also disregard the M as a nasazilation.

In de-scrambling an English word, we can first look for an Edenic mixing tem in the sequence of guttural-liquid-bilabial.  It is striking that only the guttural has shifted.

ערבל   GHeeRBaiL is to mix, whirl, confuse. EDK calls it enlarged from Ayin-Resh-Bet, and seen in other Semitic words like ערבל GHaRBail (he sifted in Aramaic-Syrica; the Arabic is gharbala. Webster’s attributes GARBLE (to sort, confuse) to the Arabiic sieve. See GARBLE.

ערב   G HaRaBH is to mingle, interweave, while in Hitpael tense

Hee(S)GHaReBH is to intermeddle (Proverbs 14:10) or mingle (Psalms 106;35). Other Ayin-Resh-Bhet minglings involve mixled populations (see RIFFRAFF at RIFE ) ; barter, sureties and pledges; the mixed light of evening (see EVENING) , and the warp and woof of interwoven  textiles.


Eggs  that are SCRAMBLED are brouilles (French), revuelotos (Spanish) and ma vuruga (Swahili) – likely scramblings of Ayin-Resh-Bhet. The Spanish above, like REVOLVE, may be from the other Edenic bilabial-liuid mixing term BaLOOL (mixed – see BALL.).  Mix in Hungarian is kever, an M132 metathesis of GHeRe[V].  The Spanish word meaning “ to scramble” is an M321 metathesis of Ayin-Resh-Bhet: breg ar. Another such Spanish word is farrago (hodge-`podge).

For the bogus initial-S, see SCALLOP.

SCRABBLE looks like it fits ערב G HaRaBH better than SCRAMBLE, here in the cosmic Scrabble game of Edenics. But the meaning of SCRABBLE makes it related to the Gimel-Resh-Bhet of  SCURVY.

To see the common phenomenon of an S added before a guttural root word, note all the entry words with (S) before a hard-C. Same with root words beginning historically with K or Q. See (S)QUARE at “QUART.”

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