Origin of English word SHANK

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English Word


Edenic Word


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[SH-K → SH+N K]


a leg or foreleg


The SHANK is the leg, the knee to the ankle, or the upper foreleg (as a cut of beef).  Anglo-Saxon scanc is akin to the base of German Schenkel (thigh). The hypothetical Indo-European base and root are squeng (to squat, stoop, bend) and skeng (crooked).

SHa[K]Ha[K]H is bowed or stooped. The body part that allows for squatting is also an SH-K sound.   SHOAQ is a leg or foreleg (Leviticus7:33). The extra N of SHANK is a common nasalization.


Close to SHANK is the Hungarian word for a hog’s thigh or ham: sonka (pronounced shawn-ko). Arabic saq is a leg; reverse to koshifor the Japanese hip.  A CUISH or a CUISSE is a thigh protector (armor), so maintain an SK → KS reversal for Old French cuisse (thigh), Same in Modern French.  Latin coxa (hip), Italian coscia, Portuguese coax, Rumanian coapsa,   Old High German hahsa (shin) and Old Irish coss (foot). Latvian cis-ka is a thigh or haunch.  At all these terms the extra N was not present; nasalization usually adds an N before a guttural like K. The European words for "ham" are almost all SNK terms. German Schinken (ham) is clearly akin to Schenkel (thigh) above. Even the Modern Hebrew for "ham" is SHOAQ [K]HaZeR (leg of swine). HAM and SHIN resemble the many S-(H)-I-N-(K) terms for "ham" among Scandinavian, Slavic and Finno-Ugric languages. The given IE “root” for SHIN is skei (to cut, split), and for HAM it's konamo (shinbone, bone). Chaka is the Quechua thigh; Taka is the Quechua leg. The TH-GH of THIGH is too close to this TK version of SHOAQ. The Indo-European “root” connects the THIGH to the thumb with a root meaning “swollen.” The Indo-European “root” of COXA (hip) is koksa (body part), with cognates CUISSE and CUSHION.  CUSHION is more likely from Ke$eT, pillow, cushion (Ezekiel 13:18).

SHOAQ in Japanese became ashi, (leg, dropping the guttural) and reversed to koshi (waist, hip).

Many words for “ham” are nasalized forms of SHOAQ, including: shunka (Czech, Serbo-Croatian),   szynka  Polish ,  Schinken (German), skinke (Danish and Norwegian), skinka (Swedish), sonka (Hungarian) and sunca in Rumanian. 

Bible Verses

Leviticus 7:33 המקריב את־דם השׁלמים ואת־החלב מבני אהרן לו תהיה שׁוק הימין למנה׃

“He among the sons of Aaron, that offereth the blood of the peace-offerings, and the fat, shall have the right thigh for a portion.”



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