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Old English scield (shield) is said to derive from the Indo-European “root” skel (to cut).     שלט SHeLeDT is a "shield" in IISamuel8:7 and IIChronicles23:9.


We can take apart Shin-Lamed and Lamed-Tet to try to get a meaning to add up.  For Shin-Lamed there is:  שלה   Shin-Lamed-Hey (to be secure – Jeremiah 12:1), שלו SHaLahV (to be at rest – Job 3:26), שלו  SHaLaiV (tranquil – Jeremiah 49:31), שלוה SHaLVaH (tranquility, ease – Proverbs 1:32) and שלום SHaLOAM (well-being, safety – Exodus 18:7). שלי   SHiLeeY is rest, quiest – II Samuel 3:27. See SALVATION.  A Lamed-Tet  לט L-DT  sub-root of defensive words emerges when considering לוט LOOT ( to cover, conceal –  I Samuel 21:10), לוט LOAT (a cover, veil – Isaiah 25:7)   פלט  PLaDT (to be saved, to escape – Ezekiel 7:16),    פליט   PaLeeYDT (refugee, fugitive, escapee – Genesis 14:13) and the person of לוט   LOADT (Abraham's nephew).  Lot is rescued from the Biblical world war (Genesis14) and is a shielded escapee from the destruction of Sodom (Genesis18).  See LID.  

We then get the source of "to LIGHT OUT" (to depart suddenly) .

One survives blows with one's shield.  A SHIELD also bore the sign of one's allegiance;  later Hebrew   שלט SHeLeDT also morphed in usage from a shield to a sign-board. German Schild  also means shield, then signpost.  Polish szyld is a sign-board, so that the SHIELD may be behind SLATE as an item to draw on or to list contestants with. A knight or thane would always have his emblazoned SHIELD when vying in an "election" or joust. SLATE as fine-grained rock might be from a different source – see   SILICON.  Human organs are carefully shielded by the שלד SHeLeD (skeleton – see   SACK #2).

SHELTER has no Indo-European “root,” and SHIELD appears to be its next of kin. Both the SH-L and the L-T elements above are relevant to SHELTERING.

        As often happens, the Edenic source of an English word has little bearing on words in Modern Hebrew. For the     מגן MaGeN (shield) – see JANUARY.  The smaller MaGeN could deflect blows, while the larger SHeLeDT could absorb them.

Bible Verses

II Samuel 8:7 ויקח דוד את שׁלטי הזהב אשׁר היו אל עבדי הדדעזר ויביאם ירושׁלם׃

“And David took the shields of gold that were on the servants of Hadadezer, and brought them to Jerusalem.”



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