Origin of English word SHIFT

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[SH-T-F → SH-F-T]


There is no Indo-European  root for SHIFT, and the etymons cited in Webster’s  only address  the sense of changing (like the SHIFT of a gear or sound of a letter). The cooperative SHIFT of a factory’s night SHIFT, and putting different people in charge (say, of a business or other enterprise) could easily have shifted in semantics to infer any kind of changeover.  The partnership in business and its insrinsic shifts of responsibility recall German words like Geschaft ( business and  Gesellschaft  (partner) Now  a Hebrew word comes to bear, with an M13 2  metathesis,  SHiTOOF, partership.  Purists may argue that  Hebrew SHeTeF is not in the Hebrew Bible.  Here is another major reason why Edenics uses the term “Edenic” for the oldest language, and not “Hebrew.”   SHeTeF is authenticated as Edenic by  the Jewish Aramaic SHooTaFAh , association, the cooperation of different partners.  There are similar cognates in Syriac and Akkadian. 

There must have been an ancient concept of not growing produce, transporting it and selling to market all by oneself.  With a cooperative, with a business, one can SHIFT duties from the farmer to the carter to the merchant. From the looks of this metathesis, one can assume that there were business partnerships before the Tower of Babel SHIFTED the root-letter positions for the newly-formed clan suddenly speaking pre-Germanic.


Is is unlikely thatimportant words like SHOP and SHOPPING have no Indo-European “root”, and no older source than Middle English schoppe  and Anglo-Saxon sceopa , astall or booth  at a fair. Earlier Germanic merchants were busy with geschaft (to affect transactions, to shop). It is likely that the “ge” prefix as well as a T was dropped by Anglo-Saxon schopters or SHOPPERS.  

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