Origin of English word SIPHON

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the Red or Reed Sea , marsh-like riverbank, reeds


SIP  (see SOP) and SIPHON are neighbors in the dictionary, but these two terms of sucking in liquids are not seen to be connected. SIPHON has no Indo-European “root”, while SIP is at seue- 2 ( to take liquid).  SIPHON is from  Greek siphon (a reed, a hollow tube).

These reeds, the   סוף   $OOF are  home to baby Moses in Exodus 2:3;  variations exist in Egyptian and Arabic.     See “SUMP.”     The first SIPPING straws were these hollow reeds.

This SP element is shared by שפה SaPHaH (lip - ISamuel1:13) and $ahPH (cup, goblet - Jeremiah52:19).  See “BUSS {kiss) and  SPEECH.  The lips form a siphon to SIP;  שאב   S(H)A’ahBH ( to draw liquid ) Genesis24:13) and סבא   $aBHAh, to drink in, are similar  – see SOP.


שאב   S(H)A’ahBH   is also defined by B-Y as “absorb.”  “Absorb” isn Farsi (Iran – IE) is  jazb. 

  S ah P(H) or $ePH(eL) is a mug or cup with which to SIP or SUP a SUPPER of SOUP. TSaPa[K]HaT is a mug; AyZOABH (hyssop) is used as a sponge or absorbent in Exodus12:22. More synonyms and antonyms at SEEP. The genus for various swamp reeds is TYPHA. This is from Greek typhe, cattail, after the S → T shift seen in Aramaic-from-Edenic.

   שפה   SaPHaH (lip) is the focus of SIPPING.  In informal German one is  süffeln when  drinking alcohol, etc.  slowly and with much pleasure.     If the coffee in one’s mug is too hot, one kisses it with the lips, a SIP,  more than  actually drinking. . Seppun is a Japanese kiss; the Spanish kiss reverses the Sin-Phey with beso.  An Irish lip is a bus – see BUSS.  Perhaps Bilo, the Fijian cup, prefers the back half of  ($e)PHeL (cup). VASE and VESS(EL) may be a reversal of this  S-PH root.

Related to SaPHaH, lip, is SaPhaH, language (Genesis 11:1) . The Sanskrit for language is bhasah. Reverse S-PH, shifting bilabial Phey/ PH to BH.     

See  SUP at SUPPER, and other bulrushes or cattails at SWAMP.

Bible Verses

Exodus 13:18 ויסב אלהים את־העם דרך המדבר ים־סוף וחמשׁים עלו בני־ישׂראל מארץ מצרים׃

“But God led the people about, by th e way of the wilderness by the Red Sea; and the children of Israel went up armed out of the land of Egypt.”

Exodus 2:3 ולא־יכלה עוד הצפינו ותקח־לו תבת גמא ותחמרה בחמר ובזפת ותשׂם בה את־הילד ותשׂם בסוף על־שׂפת היאר׃

And when she could not longer hide him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch; and she put the child therein, and laid it in the flags by the river's brink.”



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