Origin of English word SKULL

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[GL → KL]


skull, head


Unaware that an S before a C or K in English is suspect (see SCOOP), the scholars did not go to GOLGOTHA (Calvary; "place of a SKULL") for the source of SKULL.

Middle English skulleis presently linked to Norwegian dialect terms for the shell of an egg or nut. A GL or KL etymon was beckoning, as Latin calvaria means SKULL, and CHOLLA (a cactus) is from a Spanish term for SKULL or head.  GooLGoLeT (skull, head - Exodus16:16) is named for its shape. $’GahLGahL is elliptical or oval;  [A]GoaL shifts liquids to Round; GahL is a wave or pile. The Koof-Resh hardness seen at CLOT is in a skull word only shifts away from our Gimel-Lamed: QaRKePHeT. More G-L roundness at GALE and SCROLL.


(S)KULL is, therefore, more closely related to "hill" and "wheel" (both linked to GL Hebrew terms) than to "shell." Entries like CALIBER, CALLOW. SCALP and UNICORN will lead one to KL and KR terms that are related to shells and the cranium. GaLGahL is a wheel and   GeeLGaiL is to roll. Too often, man has proven that "heads will roll." For Gimel/ G becoming other gutturals like a C or Q, see "ficus" at FIG and "quarrel" at GUERRILLA.

Latin gal ea means helmet, the Edenic GL word is the protective head bone. English words from gal ea include: GALEA, GALEATE, GALIEIFORM, GALERA and GALERITE (a hat-lite fossil formation).

Head in russian is galava, in Polish glowa.  In Czech  the Gimel-Lamed becomes HL, while the Sanskrit skull has a CL. . For the bogus initial-S, see SCALLOP.

Bible Verses

Exodus 16:16 זה הדבר אשׁר צוה יהוה לקטו ממנו אישׁ לפי אכלו עמר לגלגלת מספר נפשׁתיכם אישׁ לאשׁר באהלו תקחו׃

“This is the thing which the LORD hath commanded: ‘Gather ye of it every man according to his eating; an omer a head, according to the number of your persons, shall ye take it, every man for them that are in his tent.’”



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