Origin of English word SLOUGH

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[SH-L-KH → S-L-GH]


Dictionaries spell the Middle English version either slouh or slughe, but SLOUGH means to cast off, discard or shed. Webster's cites German schluach (a skin bag) and suggests the Indo-European base sleug (to glide, slip).

Sending off refuse matches  שלך SHaLahK[H], to send off, send away or set free. When Moses demands, "Let my people go" (Exodus7:16) - the verb is SHLahKH. Today, a hassled person might say, “Cut me some SLACK” – see SLACK. To match the German skin term and the SLOUGH (skin that is shed) of a snake, שלך SHeLaK[H] means hide or untanned skin in Aramaic.  


InPolishthe second element inboth naslac and przyslac means to send.  Cast-off or discarded matter is like German Schlecht (bad, poop, of inferior quality). Leo Rosten should have traced Yiddish SHLOCK (a shoddy thing)toGerman Schlecht instead of to Schlag (a blow). In urban slang, one buys cheap, defective goods at a SHLOCK-HOUSE.  Proving that the SLOUGH of cast off, useless metal is behind Schlecht,  German”dross” is Schlacke.

 German shicken, to send,  has SLOUGHED off  the L from  SHaLaK[H]. 

SLI(N)G is an SLK term with the N SLUNG or thrown in (nasalization)—see SLING. . To SLOUGH (pronounced ”sluf”) is to SLIP off.  SHaLaPH is the verb of removing things like shoes (Ruth4:7 – see SLIP). SLIPPER and SLIPPERY are related SHaLaH (to draw out, pull out) links SLIP and SLOUGH, and favors the slouh spelling at the source of SLOUGH. ZeReBH is a slipper or lining, but the gliding and sliding should be from ShaLaPH (withdrawing a sword or shoe) seen at SLOOP.

The opposite of taking off is  SHeeLai(V) (to join, put together). SLEEVE should come from here and from related terms like SHaRVOOL (sleeve - Mishnaic Hebrew) or $neeYPH (attachment, branch). SLEEVE is presently traced to Indo-European “root” sleubh (to slide, slip).

SLAG is the thrown off dross in metallurgy – see SLACK.

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