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field or land


SOD means turf or lawn; here the dictionaries can only guess that SOD is "probably" related to SODDEN (soaked).

שדה   SaDaH is to moisten or besprinkle.  שדה SaDeH is an irrigated, well-kept field.  It  isthe  source of SODDEN (soaked).

  שדה   SoDeH (field, land) is one Hebrew etymon for SOD. It appears in Genesis 4:8. Primarily, the term indicates irrigated (SODDEN) and cultivated land. This is evident in Czech and Polish sad (orchard). To see the roots of SOD, turn it upside down to DS. This explains the DS in PARADISE, from פרדס PaRD eS , orchard (Songs 4:13), Old Persian pairidaeza, enclosure, then Greek paradeisos, park . The PR part of the Persian means private or sectioned off  – see  the Pey-Resh family at PART and PARTITION. More below.

דשא   DaSHAh is to sprout or grow grass; DeSHEh is the "grass" or lawn of Genesis1:11.  The Dalet-Shin is about green herbage and verdure to translators.

Too much verdure can cause physical and spiritual density – see SD reversed at DENSE.” 


DASYURE and TUSSOCK (dental shift) are related to  DeSHEh or TESHE.  DASHEEN, the edible sprouts of the taro, has no known etymon. One theory in Webster's is de ("of" in French) + Chine (China).

Returning to SD earth words, SeeYD is lime and  (Yi)$OAD is "foundation" - (IKings6:37). SODA, from Italian sodo (firm), should be related. SODA is officially linked to Latin solidus, whose source is taken up at SLAM. SODDEN might  be related to ST water terms,

see SOT.   

While פרדס PaRDe$ means orchard, a fine enclosure or park and source of PARADISE, and while it is in Nehemiah 2:8, Songs 4:13 and Eclesiastes 2:5, the word is famous among scholars for being a word that the Bible borrowed from Old Persian or Avestic. It allegedly is from Indo-European  words cognate to 1) Greek  peri (around) + 2) Greek teichos (wall).  As usual, the ultimate source is Edenic – see PRD + DS above.  The two alleged Indo-European source words have Edenic roots as well. 1) For the biliabial-liquid source of directional words, see OVER.  2) The Greek TK wall word is the reverse of KoTeL, Kahf-Taph-Lamed, wall - Songs 2:9.  The guttural-dental-liquid theme of walls can be heard at GeDeR at entries like GATHER and GRID.  PARADISE is lost for those who can not follow this entry  and see PARADISE as “partitioned off sod,”  a SODDEN. lush field of botanical growth, a grassy park that looks like a divine garden if it is situated in the Middle East.

Bible Verses

Genesis 4:8 ויאמר קין אל־הבל אחיו ויהי בהיותם בשׂדה ויקם קין אל־הבל אחיו ויהרגהו׃

“And Cain spoke unto Abel his brother. And it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.”



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