Origin of English word SOLAR

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SOL, SOLAR and SOLSTICE are from Latin sol, sun.  The alchemists behind a theoretical “Indo-European root” want to make these S-L terms cognate with words like SUN, SOUTH (see SOUTH) and HELIOS.  The Indo-European “root”s for all these sun words (which are not to be shared by people of color) include sawel, su(e)l and su(e)en

Tsadi-Lamed easily renders SL.  TSoHal means shine in Psalms 104:15.

The same liquid shift, this time within Edenic, brings צהר TSoHaR to light. צהר

TSoHaR is the skylight atop Noah’s ark – Genesis 6:16.  It means brightness in Hebrew, and צהרים TSaHaRaYiM (midday, noon – the sunniest time) has similar forms in Semitic, like Moabite TS-Hey-Resh-Mem. 

A second way to  SOLAR involves a reversal of the fricative-liquid of   חרסה [KJ]HaR$aH  (sun – Judges 14:18).  Elsewhere shortened  to ח רס [KJ]HaR$, this is only a liquid shift from Greek helios  (sun )  – see   HORUS.


Shifting fricatives from Tsadi to Zayin, ZoHaR means brightness and radiance, with uses of enlightenment and brilliancy which is why the primier kabbalist text is named the Zohar. Zayin-Resh has shining relatives in Aramaic and Arabic, and is like the ZeR or golden crown in sacred tabernacle items . 

Other S-L sun cognates at this brilliant Indo-European “root” include GIRASOL, INSOLATE, PARASOL, SOLANINE, SOLARIUM and TURNSOLE.

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