Origin of English word SOLE

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English Word


Edenic Word


Hebrew Word







[S( H)-U-L]


a footstep


The SOLE of the foot is traced to Latin solea (a sandal) and Latin solum (bottom, foundation).the alleged Indo-European “root” is sel (human settlement) in the AHD's belief that SALON, SALOON and SOLUM are cognates of SOLE. See SOLEMN.   

1) שעל S(H)’[A]hL is a footstep (Kings20:10); (Mi)SH’[O]aWL, same Shin-Ayin-Lamed root, is a footpath (Numbers22:24). $eLaH is to trample. SH’[A]hL is the "hollow of the hand" (Isaiah40:12), so that the palm or sole of the foot may be an extension of this term.

2)   שאול    SH’OAL  (Genesis 42:38)  means “depth” to Harkavy; EDK has “etymology uncertain” for this word used for the grave, or underworld of tbe dead.  As a “bottom” word, a  fricative-liquid  similar word is     צלל TSaLaL  (to sink – see TEAL)  and an opposite word is  סלל $aLaL (to raise up – Isaiah 62:10, see SLALOM.). 


The SOLE fish is probably named for its resemblance to the SOLE of the human foot. For the lonely SOLE see SOLITARY.

שאול   SH’OAL (depth) matches German Sohle, SOLE; bottom (of valley).

SHALLOW lies somewhere at the opposite end of these S-L depth words.

Bible Verses

I Kings 20:10 וישׁלח אליו בן־הדד ויאמר כה־יעשׂון לי אלהים וכה יוספו אם־ישׂפק עפר שׁמרון לשׁעלים לכל־העם אשׁר ברגלי׃

“And Ben-hadad sent unto him, and said: ‘The gods do so unto me, and more also, if the dust of Samaria shall suffice for handfuls for all the people that follow me.’”



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regina   4/22/2014 10:12:00 PM
fitting cognates : German Tal valley, Dutch, Norwegian ,Swedish dal valley. Chzech ,Polish, Croatian dolina ,Russian долина dolina valley Albanian thellë deep,

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