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[S-(BH) → SP]


The Indo-European “root” of SOP or SIP is seue- 2 ( to take liquid).  The Indo-European ‘root” of SOPOR is swep- 1 ( to sleep).  SOPOR is a stupor, as in a drunken stupor.

Once again, the language scholars behind our pre-Edenics dictionaries did not connect the dots between sound and sense. Excessive drinking leads to a drunken, SOPPY SOPORIFEROUSNESS.

  סבא   $aBHAh  is to drink in, quaff or imbibe (Isaiah 56:12); the stress on intoxicants is made strong with the noun  סבא   $oaBHAi (drunkard – Deuteronomy 21:20.     

SIP and SIPHON are related S-P words of drinking in – see SIPHON.

This SP element is shared by  שפה SaPHaH (lip - ISamuel1:13) and   סף $ahPH (cup, goblet - Jeremiah52:19). The lips form a siphon to SIP,   סבא $aBHAh (drink) or    שאב S(H)AhahBH (draw liquid - Genesis24:13).

In other words, fricative-bilabial means a  movement of liquid.  Fricative-bilabial is also the sound of the opposite, an outgoing flow. זוב ZOOBH is to flow (Exodus 3:8), while  צוף TSOOPH is to flow or overflow (Lamentations 3:54 – see SEEP).

Any vowel between S and P is relevant, even flowing SAP or the intake of SUP.


BRANCHES:  Icelandic supa ( to sip) is the source of SIP.  The AHD’s listed cognates of SOP include ISOHYET, SIP, SOAK, SOUP, SUCCULENT, SUCTION, SUCK and SUP (see SUPPER) , while those of SOPOR include  HYPNO-, HYPNOSIS, HYPNOTIC, SOMNI- (see INSOMNIA), SOMNOLENTand SOPORIFIC.

  ספל   $ePH eL is a mug, bowl or cup (Judges 6:38) with which to SIP or SUP a SUPPER of SOUP.   Other fricative-bilabials to consider are TSaPa[K]HaT is a flask or mug (I Samuel 26:11), and אזוב AyZOABH (hyssop) -- used as a sponge or absorbent to drink in liquid in Exodus12:22.  A quick search for  fricative-bilabial or bilabial-fricative “drink” words takes in  boisson (French), picie Polish, saufen (German – also meaning soak and lush). In Indonesian basah is an adjective meaning wet, used in the verb to wet.

Middle English pissen (to urinate… to wet, as in a pissoir, urinal, or Yiddish pish) is dismissed as imitative.  The ears of scholars were better tuned to the global sound of wetness. 

If the coffee in one’s mug is too hot, one kisses it more than sips it. Seppun is a Japanese kiss; the Spanish kiss reverses the Sin-Phey with beso.  An Irish lip is a bus – see BUSS. 

Related to שפה  SaPHaH, lip  (the SIPPER) , is שפה   SaPhaH, language (Genesis 11:1 – the lip’s outflow) . The Sanskrit for language is bhasah. Reverse S-PH, shifting bilabial Phey/ PH to BH.     

See  SUP at SUPPER, and natural straws for sucking at SWAMP.

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