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SPATE is a flash flood, a sudden heavy rain or a large outpouring of words. The source is "said to be from Old French espoit, from a Germanic base seen in SPOUT. (to shoot or SPIT out)

שטף   SHaTAPH is to rinse, wash off, flood, run, flow or burst forth. "Overflow" is the translation in Psalms78:20. An M132 metathesis of SPT brings a SPATE of words like SPATTER, SPIT and SPU(R)T. SPAT, the fight, is a maybe.

שדף  ShaDahPH means wind-blasted (Genesis 41:6), and it a kind of synonym of שטף SHaDTahF. A powerful wave of wind has replaced one of water. It is also a kind of opposite, since שדף  ShaDahPH destroys plants, while a שטף   SHaTAPH can nurture plants.

שדה   SaDaH is to moisten or besprinkle.  שדה SaDeH is an irrigated, well-kept field.  It  isthe  source of SODDEN (soaked) – see SODDEN..


SHeT(S)eEPH is a flood; SHaT(S)aPH is to be angry. A SPATE of words may burst out in a SPITEFUL SPAT. SPEED got momentum from the "run" definition, while SPOUT is from the flowing forth of  SHaDTaPH. SHaTSaPH QeTSePH is torrential anger in Isaiah 54:8, so SPITE is  related.  The AHD had no Indo-European “root” for SPITE, and Webster’s  thinks SPITE is somehow a contraction of “despite.”

Arabic nearly has an M213 metathesis of SHaDT aPH in dushsh, shower. Similar to the English, Czech sypat is a shower or sprinkle.

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