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A SPHERE, any round figure or planet is said to derive from Greek sphaira. Ancient astronomy had a system of hypothetical, SPHERICAL orbits, domains or SPHERES where the planets ranged. These astrological-astronomical SPHERES of influence were carefully plotted and counted. (How else would these scientist-mystics know where "seventh heaven" was?) SPHERE is thus intimately related to counting words like $iPHOAR (enumeration, number, boundary) and the verb of counting in Leviticus23:15. $’FOARaH (Psalms 71:16) is also a Mi$PahR or number.

Arabic sifr (zero) is SPHEROID, and the Semitic numbers we use are SPHEROIDAL - unlike Roman numerals. $iFRaH means a number (via Arabic); SPHERE as domain echoes Aramaic  SPHahR (boundary). The SPHeeYROA(S) (celestial SPHERES -- $’PHeeyROAT is the standard, Sephardic pronunciation) are common terms in Cabala, but one need only turn to Genesis15:5 to see the counting-astronomy connection. Abraham is taken on a space walk (12th Century Rashi refers to the vacuum of outer space) to Samekh-Phey-Resh "count" the stars, and to know that the Lord is above any astrological predictions of Abraham's childlessness.


Round numbers, like letters and planets, SPELL out a whole SPIEL – see   DECIPHER, GOSPEL and SPIRAL.

The SPHERE, like mathematics, presents a paradox of eternal beginnings and ends, of finiteness and infinity. Before T.S. Elliot, the circular scroll or $ayPHER of the Hebrew Bible presented the end in its beginning, and a beginning in its end or $OAPH.

The two-letter root of this entry is the Samekh-Phey/ $-PH of both  (Hay)SeeYPH (to make an end of) and (Hoa)$eeYPH (to add, to continue). The SPHERE perched between the plus and minus realms is an Samekh-Phey/ $-PH reversal, EPHe$ (zero). See SPIRAL.

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