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A SPILLWAY is a channel to carry off excess water. A SPILL is a run, flow or shedding (as of blood). This flowing is nowhere in the given etymology of SPILL: from Old English spillan (to spill, destroy) and the Indo-European “root” spil (to split, break off).   SPILL (upend) is an echo of שפל   SHaPHaL (to become low, humbled – Isaiah 2:11)   As for inclined liquids,    שפח SHaPHaKH is to pour or SPILL out (Genesis 9:6).

Look up the word SHIBBOLETH and one sees a term for a pass  שבלת SHeeBoaLeT  (Psalms69:3).  (Shin-Bet-Lamed-Tahf is one shift closer to SPL)  The flowing down comes from the Pey-Lamed core of    נפל NaPHaL, to fall

– see  FALL.   The Shin-Pey of    שפי   SHePHeeY (hill, height --  )  The "password" meaning comes from the episode in Judges12:6 where Ephraimites could not pronounce the SH of SHIBBOLETH. Even though a tribe in ancient Israel rendered each Shin as an S, there are those who challenge similar conservative sound shifts (TS to T or S, PH to P, etc) that make this book possible.

For psychological lowliness, see SIMPLE.


The SPL word of splitting and breaking which the AHD cites as the source of DESPOIL, SPELT, SPILL, and SPOIL might be related to  S(H)eBHeR (to break into pieces - Genesis19:20) - change SBR to SPL. SPOILED also shows the influence of Pa$OOL (unfit, defective - a #1-#2 letter swap). The antonym here is BHi(S)OOLaH, translated "virgin" in IKings1:2.

A second etymon for SPILL (upend) is SHaPHaL (to become low). With the connotations of slumping down and inactivity of SHiPHLOO(S) in Ecclesiastes10:18), this SPL term may have influenced SYPHILIS, SLEEP and LAPSE. Most people want to stay awake, but only SLUMP (nasalized with an extra M) into SLEEP when feeling lowly, SHePHeL (low state – Psalms 136:23) or SHiPHLOOT  (letting down of the hands, idelness – Ecclesastes 10:8).

For SLEEP one needs an M132 of  שפל Shin-Pey-Lamed, but Czech SLEEPY is ospaly.  The Edenic fricative-bilabial-liquid sequence is not changed in Slavic. The metathesized SLEEP word in English, and shlauf in Yiddish, are initially from German Schlaf (sleep)

 – see  SLEEP.

 The PL element of  (Na)PHaL (FALL) and the SP element of lowness are seen in the following words:  SHaPHaH is to incline or tilt;  SHeePOO[A]h is to slant or slope; SHaPHaKH is to pour or SPILL out; ShaPH[A]h is to flow, to be abundant and to slope.

An SP antonym is ShiPHeeY (hill. Height – see SUPER.

A SLOOP (see SLOOP) is a “gliding boat”, from Dutch sloe and the Indo-European “root” sleubh (to slide, slip)  – see   SUPER.    Reversing SPL gets us another term of FALLING or FAILING – LAPSE.

SHeePOOLeeYM means bottom parts bottom, SHaPHOON is hidden.

The Shin-Phey mildly shifted to S-P theme of lowness follows in entries like SPELUNK.   SUPINE is lying low and sluggish, like SHiPLoo(S) and the other low-lying S-P words here. The AHD traces SUPINE to Latin supinus (lying on the back), and bequeath it the Indo-European “root” upo (under, up from under, over).  In Peruvian Spanish chiflan is the term for fallen rocks inside of a mine (Fernando Aedo) . A Latin SPILLWAY or lowland is vallis, source of VALLEY (see VALLEY) and VALE. IF Shin-Phey-Lamed is the source, an M231 and S-B is needed.

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