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There is no loosely connected Indo-European “root” to invent for SPRAY ( a noun or verb of spritzing or spraying, as of scattered water or gunfire). The Indo-European “root” sper- 4 (to strew) should have been used, as it is for SPORE (see DIASPORA. )  and SPREAD (see “SPREAD). Webster’s  does find a Germanic word for drizzle, sprei, and there is the Icelandic spraena, a jet of water.  The lack of an Indo-European “root” often means that the Edenic etymon was scrambled by metathesis. An M213 metathesis allows SPRAY to come from פזר PaZahR  (scatter – Psalms 141:7). More  Zayin-Resh  ZR (SR) scattering is seen in ZaR[A]h ( to scatter, a source of SOW, Resh shifts to WR and R, – Psalms 141:7) – see STREW.  But an M312 metathesis allows several Edenic spreading words, like Aramaic PaRahZ (to spread – Harkavy), PaRa$ (to distribute in parts – Isaiah 58:7 –

see DISPERSE), PeReTS (to burst forth – Genesis 38:29 – see BURST), PaRaS (to spread – Exodus 9:33), PaRaSH (that which is separated or excreted – Leviticus 4:11 and to scatter – Exekiel 34:12).


There are  SPR words of spreading not found in the entries above. These include SPRAWL and SPREAD itself – if one wants to consider its “S” historic – see SPREAD. More foreign forms and English cognates at DIASPORA.

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