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The given Indo-European “root”  sper- 4 (to strew) is an M213 of פזר PaZahR  (scatter – Psalms 141:7).   Because there is no older term than Old English sproedan (to spread), the S of SPREAD may have gotten tacked on by association with SPR words like SPORE and SPROUT. These are listed as cognates of SPREAD at the Indo-European “root” sper (to strew) – see   DIASPORA. SPREADING and strewing are not the same, however, and the PRD root of SPREAD is better yoked with FAR, ABROAD, APART and BROAD.

The Hebrew etymon for these would be  פרד   PaRaD (to spread apart, divide, separate - Genesis13:9).

The sub-root is פ-ר  Pey-Resh, as פיר PeeYR is a ditch,    פעור PaGHOOR is wide open,   פרח PaRa[K]H is to open up as a flower ,   פרוז PaROOZ is unfortified (thus open) , פרוס  PaROO$ is spread ,    פרץ PaRooTS is broken (open), and פרוש PaROOSH is to spread. See DISPERSE and SPRAY.  At the FREAK entry the   פ-ר   Pey-Resh sub-rooot of spreading or breaking out takes a malevolent  turn with the bad company of   ר-ע   Resh-Ayin, seen at WRONG.  ( Al L. Ansley)


Closely allied with PaRaDT (see PART), (Hee)PHReeYD mean to SEPARATE or PART. PRahD is the Modern Hebrew word for atom. PARADISE may be from  PaRDe$ (park, enclosure - Songs4:13 – see SOD) because it is SEPARATED land (just as a "park" is a "broken off" piece of land – see   PARK).

BREED may join BRITTLE and BROTHEL at Indo-European “root” bhreu (to break up), as all three BRD or BRT terms could come from PaRaDT.

To INTERPRET a text is to SPREAD it apart, but PaTahR (to interpret) is the better etymon (despite the #2-#3 letter swap). Such a letter swap plus an R to L change may allow us to spread out to Greek petalos (outspread), the source of PETAL. Greek ptero (wing) is another spreader, so we may have just bagged a PTERODACTYL. A FIORD or FJORD could refer to geological spreading. PeReTS (fissure, crack, cleft) is related to this kind of spreading out. FAR is related to thesePhey-Resh/ PH-R terms and to the Phey-Lamed/PH-L term equivalent to "distant" in Deuteronomy30:11. The 1960's phrase "far out" (marvelous) allows us to link  (Ni)PHLaH (wonderful) to FAR.

To  consider Edenic etymons for SPREAD which, like the AHD, emphasize the SPR and not the D of SPREAD,  see DIASPORA and SPRAY.

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