Origin of English word STEAL

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[TS-L → ST-L]


Anglo-Saxon staelan is linked to the IE “root” ster­eo rob, steal). STEAL means to take secretly or just to move surreptitiously.

(Hee)TSeeYL means "taken away" in Genesis31:16. Unable to sue for a few hundred years back pay, the freed slaves "spoil the Egyptians" or loot them in Exodus3:22. Paradoxically, (Nee)TSaiL means "save," "strip" or "spoil." Saving is secreting away from doom. The two-letter root for this stealing is Tsadi-Lamed/ TS-L; appropriately, these letters spell the word for "shadow."  A shadow not only conceals secretive activity, but in the sunny Middle East a shadow is a savior.

Another shadowy activity is hiding or "stealing away" The verb for this is $aTeR (to hide - Isaiah16:3 or ISamuel23:19). The STR of this etymon matches the Indo-European “root”.

ATSahL is to “take away” (Numbers 11:17).

In a sunny clime, both rescue and secreting away in about Tsadi-Lamed shadows – see “SLHOUETTE.”


To understand the Biblical source of STEALING as putting aside, and saving it from destruction, let us consider Tsadi-Lamed words that mean “side.” ATSeeYL is an extremity (on the side – Isaiah 41:9), AhTSeeYL is the wing of a building (Ezekiel 41:8), ATSahL is to put aside (Numbers 11:17), AyTSeL means side or beside ((I Samuel 20:41), HeeTSeeYL is “he rescued,” but this can now be better understood as “he put aside…out of harm’s way, TSaiL is a shadow, which falls to a side. TSeL[A]h is to incline to one side – see LIST.

Indo-European “root” ster- (to rob, steal) is also the given source for STEALTH and STALK (as in hunting). Tsadi-Vav-Lamed, TSOOL, means "lay hid" in Arabic. Germanstehlen and Danish stjaele indicate that STEAL may have had a Hey / H in a prehistoric form.   In Slavic, like Czech krásti ,  the Hey-Tsadi-Lamed may have shifted and metathesized to become K, R, ST. Otherwise, a cognate like Polish krasc (to steal) could be an M132 S-G, S-L of the Biblical word for stripping and snatching away: גזל GeZeL  (II Samuel 23:21). See MYSTERY.

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