Origin of English word STREET

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avenue, boulevard, row


The scattered etymology traces Latin strata (road) to Latin sternere (to strew, scatter...hence pave...hence road). Rumanian strada and Dutch straat, "street" words, are thus linked to the given Indo-European “root” ster- (to spread) and made a cognate of "strew."

  שדרה S'DaRaH is defined as an avenue, boulevard or row (of men). In IIChronicles23:14 the translations render this term as "ranks" or "ranges," but it is clear in the context that wicked Athalia is killed in the STREET. The concordance considers     שדרה   S'DayRaH akin to   סדר $ayDeR (row, order, arrangement - another SD-TR etymon for both STREET and STRAIGHT) – see SORT.

AlSirat (swap the T and R) means "the road" in Arabic.


Echoing Indo-European “root” ster- (to spread) is SHeeDaiR (to broadcast). Another Aramaic term, one that recalls IE “root” ster (stiff), is SHiIDRAh (spinal column). This twin of our captioned term is related to Greek sterizein (to support - source of STERIGMA) as well as to the "columns" we call STREETS. STARK, STERE, STEREO, STERN, STORK and STRUT are all cognates of STERIGMA at IE “root” ster-. These words follow the straight path from "straightness" to "stiffness" or "firmness." To stray from the straight and narrow – see   SWERVE. See "SERIES" for SR straight rows.

The DT-R element of straightness and of ROADS (DR reversed) is seen at DIRECTION. See STRAIT and "STREAK" for more STRATA of meaning in STR words.

A Serbian street is a sidriste.

Bible Verses

II Chronicles 23:14 ויוצא יהוידע הכהן את־שׂרי המאות פקודי החיל ויאמר אלהם הוציאוה אל־מבית השׂדרות והבא אחריה יומת בחרב כי אמר הכהן לא תמיתוה בית יהוה׃

“And Jehoiada the priest brought out the captains of hundreds that were set over the host, and said unto them: ‘Have her forth between the ranks; and whoso followeth her, let him be slain with the sword'; for the priest said: 'Slay her not in the house of the LORD.’”



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