Origin of English word STRESS

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[TS-R → ST-R]


Tsadi-Resh words mean pressing anguish, DISTRESS or STRESS. See SORE and STRAIT. The given etymon of STRESS is Latin strictus (strict). It is thought that STRESS is a contraction of DISTRESS, but from the   צ-ר Tsadi-Resh or TS-R root of narrowness and oppression it is more likely that DISTRESS is an extension of STRESS.

“ ויצר   VaYeeTSeR”:   and Jacob “was stressed” by Esau in Genesis 32:8 (old JPS) or “distressed” KJV of 32:7. צרה TSaRaH is trouble, sorrow  (Psalm 9:10) or an advesary. מצרים  MiTSRaYiM (Egypt) was the land of stress. Tsouris, troubles, was popularized by the Yiddish from tight, stressful,   צ-ר Tsadi-Resh extentions like צרתה TSaRaTaH   (grief – Judges 10:14 )  


Osaeru in Japanese is to push down, keep down, repress. Stress and distress result from repressed desire.  Japanese atsuryoku means pressure or stress.             יסר Ya$aR is to bind, imprison – see SWERVE.    Zayin-Vav-Resh ,   זור ZOOR, is to press or squeeze out, Tsadi-Vav-Resh, TSOOR, is to bind, besiege, wrap or persecute.  Like  Samekh-Vav-Resh,   סור $OOR, Zayin-Vav-Resh ( can mean the opposite - receded, made separate.  Tightness and narrowness in Spanish is estrechez.   Ostry in Czech means sharp, acute.  Physical tightness, from  צר TSahR, narrow , leads to STRESS.

 Latvian (Baltic) siauras  means “narrow.”

Pushing in can push out; STRESS can be STRETCHING one’s patience to the limit -- (see STRETCH).  French triste (sad, dismal) and  tristesse (sadness) < M321 or full reversal of צרתה TSaRaTaH   (grief ).  TRISTE, TRISTESSE and TRISTFULLY are “sad” words in English too.  The “tribulation” of  צרתה TSaRaTaH   (Harkavy) should be behind the tragic literary names TRISTAN (opera) and TRISTRAM (medieval legend).

See STRAIT.  For more pleasant   צ-ר Tsadi-Resh restriction, see SARI.

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