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STYMIE is a verb or noun of blocking or hindering. The dictionaries are rather STYMIED (thwarted, blocked) here, offering "perhaps from Scottish stymie (a person with poor eyesight)." 

Arabic sammata means “he foiled, frustrated.”  סתם $aTahM is stopped up closed (Nehemiah 4:1).  Syriac סטם $iDTaM is he closed, restrained or stopped.

   שתם SHaTaM  is to close (Numbers 24:3) . The third fricative-plus-Mem/M to mean closing up is   עצם [A]TSaM is to shut (the eye) - Isaiah33:15.

For antonyms, open things,  see     שתום SHaTOOM at STOMACH.

A foiled visionary whom the Bible makes an ass (donkey) of is Balaam (see BLAME). Balaam refers to himself as  S(H)ITOOM (open-eyed, of a penetrating eye - Numbers24:3). But it was the ass of the seer who saw the SaDTaN (obstructing angel - Numbers22:32), while Balaam remained $aTOOM (clogged, closed) or blind to the phenomenon.


$TOOMaH is vague; $TahMeeY means undefined or indefinite.  SaDTaN is better rendered "to STYMIE" in Numbers22:22. Sin-Tet-Noon means "to oppose" (Psalms71:13).

STUMP (to keep others unaware), STUM (dumb), STUMBLE and STUN should join STYMIE as derivatives of these Hebrew words – see   STEM. For the antonym of openness – see   STOMACH.

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