Origin of English word SUCCEED

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SUCCESS means “ not going under, “ but the given etymon of SUCCESS is Latin sub (under) + cedere (to go). Succedere is "going beneath." The KD "going" term is from¬† QaDahM (to go forward). Latin succedere also means "following after," and SUCCESS can depend upon whom we replace or inherit. It is difficult to see how the prefix SUC- (which means "under" in words like SUCCINCT and SUCCOR) or SUS- (a prefix meaning "under" in words like SUSPECT) is a variation of Latin sub (under) - why not drop the B of "sub" if "sub-ceed" or "sub-cor" were so hard to pronounce? The Hebrew "sub" may be underneath all of this.¬† (S)aK[H]ahS or TaK[H]ahS is "under" in Genesis1:7 – see SOUTH. Elsewhere the term means "in place of" (as in a SUCCESSOR). An abbreviated form used in prefixes is Tahf-Tahf/ that or Sahf-Sahf/ (S)ah(S).


In Chinese, the adverb and preposition "under" is tsaihsia. In Japanese, soko is bottom, while shita means under. Sat is "below" for the Andrade Quileute Indians.

The standard Ashkenazic pronounciation of TahK[H]a{S) buttocks) gives Yiddish and "Yinglish" its TOCHIS or TUCHIS (as spelled by Leo Rosten in TheJoysofYiddish).

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