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Latin succuba is a strumpet. Succubare (to lie under) is said to derive from sub (under) + cubare (to lie). SUCCUBUS is a mythical female demon who seduces sleeping men. Just as this myth is akin to the extra - Biblical legends about Lilith (Adam's original, disobedient wife), the term SUCCUBUS is probably a form of  שכבת   S(H)iKHoaBeS (copulation - Leviticus18:20).  שכבת SHoaKHeBHeS can literally mean "she sleeps," as in a strumpet who "sleeps around."  Potiphar's wife commands Joseph   אתי   שכבה   SHiKHBHaH  EeTeeY ("lie with me!' - Genesis 39:7 and 39:12). The verb primarily means lying down, sleeping and even dying (Genesis 47:30).

The elements in the compound SH-KH-BH include the S(H)-K terms of sinking and bowing found at SAG, coupled with the KH-BH/PH of "folding over" seen at COUPLE. The Indo-European “root” for SUCCUBUS is keu- (to bend), better rendered K-BH or KV.   The sexier meaning of  כבש KaBHahSH (as in the accusation that Haman wanted to “ravish” Queen Esther -- Esther 7:8) and EDK’s 3rd definition (rape) makes this word a synonym-by-metathesis of  שכב   SHaKHahBH (to lie with carnally – Genesis 19:32).


At the above root, the AHD lists the English words from Latin cubare (to lie down on). Listed after cubare are CONCUBINE, COUVADE, COVEY, CUBICLE, INCUBATE and SUCCUBUS.

שכבה   SHaK[H]ahBH clarifies the meaning of CONCUBINE, the American Indian term SQUAW (woman, wife) may be a related SKV or SQW term. SQUAW and CONCUBINE are sexist terms as it is, but the Edenic etymon reveals that some men mainly consider the mattress aspect , the "lying down,”   of matrimony.

Also at IE “root” keu is Latin cumbere (to lie down, recline). This is a nasalized  SHaKHaBH (to lie down) where  the initial Shin has been dropped. Typically, the nasalization has placed an extra M between the K and the B. Bedfellows of RECUMBENT here include ACCUMBENT, CUMBENT,  DECUMBENT, INCUMBENT, PROCUMBENT and SUCCUMB. Like Shin-Khaf-Bhet שכב SHaKHaBH, the nasalized  SUCCUMB can infer dying. Sleep in Polish is spac, a possible #2-#3 letter swap or M132 metahesis of שכב SHaKHaBH ("lay down to sleep" - Genesis28:11). We often sleep in our SKIVVIES (undergarments) - a word with no known origin.

The Khaf is most likely to drop, so zo-p is a fine “sleep” word in Marathi (Bombay – Ava Miedzinski ). The Shin/SH has shifted fricatives to Z, and the Bhet/BH has shifted bilabials to P.

More  שכב   Shin-Khaf- Bhet at COUCH.

Bible Verses

Leviticus 18:20 ואל־אשׁת עמיתך לא־תתן שׁכבתך לזרע לטמאה־בה׃

“And thou shalt not lie carnally with thy neighbour's wife, to defile thyself with her.”



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