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To SURPASS is to exceed; to SURCHARGE is to overcharge. The issue is excessiveness, not necessarily "over" or "above" Nonetheless, the SUR- of SURFEIT (an excess) is somehow traced from Old French sur- or sour- to Latin super or supra (over, above) and to the same Indo-European “root” uper (over) discussed at SUPER.

  יתר Ye(S)eR means "exceeding" in Genesis49:3; it is also defined as rest, remainder, or what is "left over."   יתר  Yo(S)aiR is defined as "more" or "too much;" Ecclesiastes7:16 advises us not to be "OVERwise" or "the wise man to excess."

Switching to the similar-sounding Samekh-Resh, סרח $eRa[K]H means overhanging, superfluous part, the part hanging over in excess  (Exodus 26:12).


Tahf/T as Sahf/(S) words are normally heard (with disgust by Israelis), and dismissed as part of the Ashenazik accent of Germanic Jews. But words like German sehr , very (much)…before an adj. of adv.  (adapted by Yiddish) are from יתר Ye(S)eR, exceedingly.  Aparantly, the “Ashkenazik” Tahf /T as Sahf (S) long predates Jews in the Rhineland.  The Proto-Germanic people got the Tahf/T as Sahf/(S) at the dawn of history (Shinar, or The Tower of Babel).

SURNAME and SURPLUS infer "extra" more than "above." Having extra implies  (O)SHeR, (wealth). SURCEASE is from Old French surseoir (to pause, delay, leave off). These connotations are met by %OOR (to leave off, turn aside – see SWERVE) and the antonymical  S(H)a’AR (to remain),  SaRaD (to leave over) and SaReeYD (a SURVIVOR).

Sierota is an orphan in Polish.

Bible Verses

Genesis 49:3 ראובן בכרי אתה כחי וראשׁית אוני יתר שׂאת ויתר עז׃

“Reuben, thou art my first-born, my might, and the first-fruits of my strength; the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power.”



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