Origin of English word SWELL

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[(T)S-V-R → SWL]


Anglo-Saxon swellan is traced to the theoretical Indo-European base swel. No Indo-European “root” is available.   Icelandic svella is to swell or grow grathful, Dutch zwellen and German schwellen are to swell.  Only a Tsadi-Bhet word, possibly with a liquid at the end, could be a source for all the varients above, as well as the TB SWELLINGS at PROTUBERANCE.

צבר TSaBHaR is to heap up (Genesis41:49 – R → L change).  צבה TSaBHaH is to "swell" (Numbers5:21).


TSeBHeR is a pile or heap, not unlike a SWELLING. Polish zbior is a collection or crop; zabierajc is to gather or collect.

The positive adjective SWELL, is as if something is enlarged or puffed up with pride.

When this sound and sense is  just Tsadi-Bhet, and not SWOLLEN with a liquid ending, the Bhet is sure to drop away. Thus we have an eye swelling called a STY or STYE, from only the Tsadi and a vowel. As usual, the ST of Tsadi is reversed to ST in Indo-European.

Tsadi-Bhet gave us the TB of TUBER  and TUBERCLE (swelling); Tap in Vietnamese is to pile or gather. It is unclear if the TUBE (pipe) is from Tsadi-Bhet, but there is no Indo-European “root” for TUBULAR things.     See the WL element of WELLING up at WELT

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