Origin of English word SYNCOPATION

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English Word


Edenic Word

SHaNaH + QeePaiD

Hebrew Word

שנה + קפד


Shin-Noon-Hey + Koof-Pey-Dalet




[(SH-N-H)+(KPD → SN+KPT)]


The many SYN- and SYM- words are from Greek syn (with) - the Hebrew sources are at SYNOD, but note that   שני   SHaiNeeY is second.  For SYNCOPATION (shortening words or shifting musical accents) it is more relevant to add that שנה   SHaNaH is to repeat – see CHANGE.

Greek koptein (to cut) gives us the KPT heart of our entry, coming from קפד QeePaiD (to cut off, shorten - Isaiah38:12).  Note the dental shift from Dalet to T.    קפד QoPahD is drawn or rolled together, and the QeePOAD (hedgehog – Isaiah 14:23) is so named because it rolls itself together, condensing itself for safety.  Moving to a related guttural-bilabial-dental, קפץ  QaPHaTS  word and its opposite are couched within the same Edenic root.  It’s logical, in that one has to shorten oneself before jumping.  The   ק-פ Koof-Phey of the subroot gives us HOP.         קפז   QoPaZ is also to means both to coil oneself and to spring forth.   One again, a jump or leap; similar in Arabic and Aramaic. For a two-letter root, both Koof-Phey Aleph or Hey means to condense.


Later, QiPHeeYTSaH came to mean both a (miraculous) shortening of the way, and an intermission (which elongates a process).  Another later term seen in the first century Talmud up to the 12th century Maimonides  is the Greek kapandaria (short cut).  This is but a nasalized (extra n) form of our KPD shortening term.

Switching position of the bilabial and fricative offers a related word: QoTSahBH (to cut off - 1IKings6:6). (KET)SEB(H) is a shape, rhythm or cut (as of clothes - Kings6:25). This is noteworthy because SHAPE and -SHIP (as in relationship) are official cognates of SYNCOPATION at the Indo-European “root” skep (also designated kep- meaning "to cut or hack.")

APOCOPATE, and APOCOPE (surgical amputation or the cutting off of a final letter or syllable of a word) is likewise from the Koof-Pey-Dalet word translated “destruction” (KJV) in Ezekiel 7:25.  These are traced to Greek apokope, a ctting off, from the same KPT verb above.

Qi PaDaH is annihilation; QeePaiD is to cut of6 . Both  KaPHahTS (to CHOP- attributed to Greek) and the Greek shortcut above are not borrowed from classical languages, but  are "reborrowings." Other cognates of (SYN)COPAT(ION) include CAPON (castrated chicken), KOPECK (via Russian kopat - to hack), and SARCOPTIC MANGE. KP cut-offs to consider include CHIP, COUPE (a shortened car) and COUPON.  Other cognates listed by the AHD under Greek koptein (to cut) include COMMA, MANGE, SARCOPTIC and SYNCOPE.


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