Origin of English word TIER

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[ TIR]


line, row, column, turning, rotating


TIER is from Old French tire (order, rank, row).

  טור DTOOR is a row, line or column (Exodus28:17). Tahf-Vav-Resh,    תור  TOOR, is also a line or row, but can mean so in a turning, rotating way – see this sound-alike synonym and antonym at ROTATE,TIRE” and TURN.


TOOR and DTOAR is a line or row, where one waits his turn. The DR or TR element of straightness in  DeReKH (see DIRECTION) links up with  SHOORaH (row, line) because of the Shin to T shift from Edenic to Aramaic.  Each generation or  DOAR (Psalms 77:9) forms a kind of row , as a line of pews, that we move forward towards as we age. In the Shanghai dialect of Chinese “generation” is dair. The Vav of DTOOR can also be a consonant, like DVR. Thus  TePHER (stitch) is a related line or row.  Japanese tiara na means level, also tying in to the SR etymons at SHEER and “SERIES” – the S to T shift is at “TAURUS.’  Japanese retsu (line, row) is a reverse of either this dental-R “row” word or SHOORaH (see “SERIES”).

See TIARA, TIRE” and TURN for round TR antonyms, and TOWER for the vertical, instead of the horizontal..

Bible Verses

Exodus 28:17 ומלאת בו מלאת אבן ארבעה טורים אבן טור אדם פטדה וברקת הטור האחד׃

“And thou shalt set in it settings of stones, four rows of stones: a row of carnelian, topaz, and smaragd shall be the first row; “



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