Origin of English word TIRE

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[ TIR]


Middle English tyre is thought to be short for "attire" (equipment).  A primary choice for Hebrew etymon is Dalet-Vav-Resh  DOOR (around, now used for the rim of a wheel – requiring a dental shift).  See the verse and original sense below. TOAR (circlet, turn) is a close second.  TOAR is a plait or circlet in Songs 1:10. [A]DTaRaH is a (circular) crown (Songs 3:11);  [A]DTaR is to surround – see   TIARA.  For straight dental-liquid related opposites , like DTOOR, a row or tier

 – see TIER. Jewish Aramaic TOARAh is a cord (another straight line) – see the

reversed, dental-shifted R-D words below.


The Biblical source for  DOOR is Isaiah 29:3 – "And I will encamp against thee roundabout" "VTQ This prefixed KaDOAR (like a rim, thus "round about") gave rise to KaDOOR (ball, globe). Related to Arabic, DaRDOOR means "that which is rolled." TAhahR is "curved" (Joshua 18:14). In Arabic, itaris a TIRE, and dairais a circle. The Spanish wheel turns DOOR around to  r ueda .

The TR root of Edenic roundness can be ROTATED to RT or RD. It can then be nasalized to get ROUND. Reinventing the wheel, the Indo-European “root”  for ROUND and ROTUND is ret (to run, roll).  Listed cognates include: CONTROL, RODEO, ROTI- and ROTO- words, ROTARY, ROTATE ROTUNDA, and reversing to TORY.  The Latin wasn’t reconstructed by linguists, it was deconstructed at Babel.  Latin rota (wheel) gave us French rond, Italian rotondo, Spanish and Portuguese redondo and Rumanian rotund. Not from Latin, but not from a root meaning “run” or “roll” comes German rund, Dutch rond, and Danish rund.  For other words meaning “round” – see CYCLE.   Rad is aGerman wheel.

For a non-nasalized reversed, RT term, see ROTATE. For TR antonyms of straightness, see TIER. TOAR is a circlet (Songs 1:10). Tet-Vav-Resh is also a turn or to turn. Arabic tara means he went around. In the Shanghai dialect of Chinese, “circle”  is dur *as in “during”).See TOUR.  For RADIAL tires, or RADIUS words, reverse the dental-liquid. The many straight-line, ROD-like words RADIATING from this R-D root are likely not from the straight DTOOR (tier) and TOARAh (cord) words above. In the midpoint of circles, the RADIUS,  these extending lines form RADII.  Connect the dotys to RADIANT, RADIATION, RADIATOR, RADIO and many words like  RADIOACTIVE, RADIOCARBON and RADIO WAVE.  See the English DOOR that swings around on hinges at DOOR.”

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