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1. Anglo-Saxon top, akin to German zopf, is thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” tap whose definition reads like this: "Germanic base of various loosely related derivatives; 'plug, wad, small compact object, projecting part; to plug, strike lightly.'" For "striking lightly" see TAP, but let us leave theoretical Indo-European “root”s for some real words. German zopf, cited above, means a TUFT of hair or a summit. Sufit is a ceiling in Polish. STUPA, from Sanskrit, is a mound covering a shrine. Now an S(T)-P(H) root word of TOPS and TOPPING is beginning to appear.

  צפה TSeePaH is a cover or TOP (Exodus 26:29),   צפוי TSeePOOY is covering over or plating (Exodus38:17),   צף TSahPH is to float (atop), while the Aramaic equivalent is   טף DTahPH.  The floating bird, צפור TSeePOAR, is at SPARROW.  צפון  TSaPHOAN is north, or the TOP of the compass (Genesis13:14).      צפירה   TSiPHeeYRaH is a  special TOP: a crown Isaiah28:15),       צפת TSePHeT is the capital or TOP of a pillar (IIChron. 3:15), and a differently spelled fricative-dental TIP (top) is    תועפה   TOA[A]hPHaH is a height or eminence (Psalms 95:4).

The built-in opposite of that which is on top, in plain sight, is צפון TSaPHOON, concealed (Exodus 2:2).  שפן   SHaPHaN is buried beneath (Deuteronomy 33:19), whence the often-concealed  שפן   SHaPHaN (rock badger -- Leviticus 11:4).

2. The verb to TOP, as in to TAP a drum or TAMBOUR  (This TB word is nasalized with an M.)  תפף   TaPHaPH is to beat a drum, Psalms 68:26.

קצף    QaTSaPH (to cut or pluck off; a splinter or fragment of wood, etc – Hosea 10:7) is different than   קצץ QaTSaTS (to cut into pieces – Exodus 39:3).  The many guttural-dental CUT words, and sub-roots, are below and at the CUT entry.   קצף QaTSahPH, is a cutting at the TOP, from the  2nd  sub-root, our    צף Tasdi-Pey sub-root.

There were two meanings for  צפון Tsadi-Pey-Noon above, a)  TSaPHOAN  north and   b)  צפון TSaPHOON, concealed.  Both have dou ble roots (XY + YZ = XYZ), using different nuances of  צפ   Tsadi-Pey (TOP) and  פנ   Pey-Noon  (directional words – see  POINT).  a)    צפון   TSaPHOAN,  north, XYZ, is XY,  the  צפ TOPMOST ,  +  YZ, פנ   POINTER or compass.  So, צפון   TSaPHOAN,  north, is the Edenic way of indicating “top pointer.”  b)  צפו ן TSaPHOON, concealed, XYZ, is XY, the צפ TOPPING or coating, concealing the YZ , פנ PANE or surface . So,

צפון TSaPHOON, concealed , is the Edenic way  of indicating “hidden under a covered surface.”

(Al L. Ansley)


צפת TSFaT or Safed is ahilltop city, a lookout ( צפה TSeePaH is to look out)in the Galilee.On TOP of the world, so tospeak.Shifting bilabials to

  צ-ב Tsadi-Bhet, צב TSaBH is a turtle (Leviticus 11:29)  or a covered wagon (Numbers 7:3) – both emphasizing the covered TOP.The equivalent creature forthe Mayais an ibats (armadillo – the TS-B reverses, as usual in Amerind. A tortoise isnatures covered wagon or mobile home.  An ancient covered wagon in Chinese is zi (X870), just what Chinese would do to a   צ-ב Tsadi-Bhet.   The TOUPEE, a cognate of TOP and TUFT, is clearly a    צפוי T SeePOOY (covering, plating thus TOPING).

A related dental-bilabial is טפל DTaPH aL is to lay on, lay over, smear over, plaster,cover or conceal (Psalms 119:69).

Topi is a hat in Indonesian; txap(ela) is a cap in Basque. Reverse FT for the futa, a lid or cover in Japanese. The teepee is paralleled by the Amazon Indian tapiy (hut, shelter).   Quechua pata means above, on top of... a reverse of  צפה Tsadi-Peh-Hey (to overlay or TOP, and TSahPH to float ATOP or above.  For the hidden Tsadi-Pey antonym  צפון TSaPHOON, a Japanese mystery is shimpi (an M132 or a nasalized SH-P).

To put on top of or to overlay is tahp in Thai.

For given cognate TIP (end), one shouldnote a more distantly related word such as סוף  $OAPH (end).

צפע   TSePH[A]h  and  צפעני TSiPH[O]ANeeY  are poinsonous snakes with a distinctive hood.  See ASP.
The   צפ Tsadi-Pey phoneme as a subroot means “top.” As seen above, it may be followed at entries like CUT, POINT and SPARROW.

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