Origin of English word TOWER

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fortified town, village, enclosure, turret


TOWER is from Old English tur and Latin turns (tower). Anglo Saxon torr is a tower or rock.

טירה DTeeYRaH is a TURRET, a fortified town, village or enclosure, a wall all around (Numbers31:20).   Related dental-liquids include:      צור  T(S)OOR is a rock of refuge (IISam. 22:3);  בצר BaTSaR is to fortify;      מבצר   MiBHTSaR is a fortress or stronghold (Numbers32:36).  Another  צר Tsadi-Resh tower is the  צריח TSaReeYa[K]H of Judges 9:49.  The Edenic front of the neck is below. See related vertical TR words at TREE and TL words at TALL.


Tower in French is tour, in  Italian and Spanish is torre.

  צור T(S)OAR is a flint (Exodus 4:25),  צור    T (S)OOR is a large rock (Exodus 33:21). Huge rocky redoubts recall Masada or the Rock of Gibraltar .  טורה DTOORaH (a moun­tain) is Aramaic (Daniel 2:35).

The English word TOR means a tower, rock or high rocky hill. The TURTLE may be better understood as nature's living TURRET or fortification.

The TURNING TURRET of human anatomy, optimally a lovely TOWER, is the neck or throat, the  צואר TSaVAhR (Genesis 41:42).  The suggestion of dental-liquid synonyms is from  Brian Beckman.  Harkavy links . צואר TSaVAhR to  TSOOR, to straighten, which is like  ישר YaSHahR, straight – see this fricative-liquid at “SERIES.”

The ancient city of   צור TSOOR (TYRE, southertn Lebanon) was surely a walled stronghold. related; TR cities like Tours, Troy, Troyes, and Turin are also likely  named after fortifications, the earlier version of a gated community. TROY , in fact, has been linked to  ( צר Tsadi-Resh/TS-R ) “tower” terms like Latin  turris and Greek  tursis.  The TROJANS built tower cities, and are linked to the ETRUSCAN civilization. (Al L. Ansley)

Bible Verses

Exodus46:23 וטור סביב בהם סביב לארבעתם ומבשׁלות עשׂוי מתחת הטירות סביב׃

“ And there was a row of masonry round about in them, round about the four, and it was made with boiling-places under the rows round about. ”



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