Origin of English word TRACK

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[(D)T- R-K(H)]


The noun TRACK as a route or way is covered at DIRECTION. The verb TRACK (to tread) is traced by Webster's to Indo-European base dreg (to pluck); the AHD offers no Indo-European “root”.

See Joshua 1:3 where DaRaKH is rendered "tread." The Hebrew dictionaries add "to step," "march" and "walk." The Indo-European “root” der means to run, walk, or step.

The  sense of  דרך DaRahKH as “treading firmly” (Nehemiah 13:15) is a built-in dental-liquid-guttural antonym of     דלג DaLaG, to skip or leap over(Psalms18:30).


IE “root” der includes - DROM, DROMEDARY, TEETER, TRADE, TRAMP(OLINE), TRAP (see TROPHY), TREAD, and TROT. TRUDGE and TRAIPSE should have been included. Indo-European “root” dhreg is to run – see   DRAG.

  דרס DaRah$  (tread, trample in Jewish Aramaic) is another verb of treading and trampling underfoot. Syriac  דרש D’RahSH means “he trod, trampled). Another ד-ר    Dalet-Resh sub-root  with the fricative extension is Arabic darasa (he THRESHED, trampled grain). Just Arabic darra means “it ran swiftly.”  This sounds like the rushing of mountain steams – see TORRENT. 

  The sole or flat of the foot, the TARSUS or Greek torsos,  is surely related to all this dental-liquid-fricative trampling underfoot, along with THRASH, THRESH, THRESHOLD and TROU(N)CE. See DIRECTION.

If TRACE (a trail or to trail) is a TRK word it belongs here; if it is a TRS word it recalls DaRaS(H) (to seek, investigate - Deuteronomy 13:15). Dalet-Vav-Resh-Shin is a seeker, inquirer or demander – the source of Persian darvish (beggar) and English DERVISH.

For related words like TRACTION, see DRAW, DIRECTION and TREAD.

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