Origin of English word TURN

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circlet, line or turn


Old French turneris from Latin tomare (to turn in a lathe) and from Greek tornos (a lathe).the alleged IE “root” is tera (to rub, turn).

  TOAR (a circlet, line or turn – Songs 1:10, Esther 2:15) covers both the circling and the "opportunity" sense of TURN. In Modern Hebrew a TOAR is a line (que) to wait one’s TOAR (turn). The RT and TR sound and sense do much rotating – see ROTATE.  ROTARY and ROTATE are from Latin rota (wheel), which has been thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” ret (to run, roll). RaT(S)aH is to run (Genesis24:29). If the Latin RT wheel is preferable to the invented root, rotate the RT t o TR.  Tet- Vav-Resh is also a turn or to turn – see TURN. Arabic tarameans “he went around”. To rotate chairmen or crops is to take TURNS. See TOUR.   Daled-Resh and Tet-Resh are also about ROTATION – see   TIRE. For TR antonyms of straightness, see TIER.  A door turns on its hinges” (Proversa 26:4). The Edenic words for  “door,” “turning” and “hinge”) Tsadi-Yod-Resh-Hey)  are related dental-liquid terms – see DELTA.  ציר   TSeeYR is to twist or turn like a door hinge (Proverbs 26:14).  Related by a liquid shift is a Tsadi-Yod-Lamed word,   אציל ATSeeYL, joint,  in Ezekiel 13:18.  צור TSOORis “to turn,” so that צואר

TSaVahR (neck) means “that which turns.” (EDK)  

The built-in antonym is צור TSOOR, to straighten.  See “WRESTLE.”

Every  דור  DOAR, generation, gets its   תור TOAR, turn in line.


Relevant cognates include CONTOUR, DETOUR AND RETURN. More related terms at TIER and TOUR  If the DOOR is named for its TURNING on a hinge, there are enough Daled-Resh, Tet-Resh and Tahf-Resh Edenic etymons to go around.

More turns at TURTLEDOVE.

Bible Verses

Song of Solomon 1:10 נאוו לחייך בתרים צוארך בחרוזים׃

“Thy cheeks are comely with circlets, thy neck with beads.”



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