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For THOMAS, Webster’s cites the Greek for twin, and the Arabic teoma, twin.  A Doubting Thomas might question if the Greeks really got this term from Arabic. The apostle may have gotten his name from T’OWM or TVM (twin) of Biblical Hebrew (Genesis25:24). Ta’AhM  is the verb of being joined or paired; and the noun of a pair or couple – Exodus 26:24,36:29 .  This is yet another documented example of the depth of  either ignorance or antipathy towards the Hebrew Bible, or both, on the part of the scholars whose work presently informs our reference tools.          

The Aramaic (#2), DOO or DooW, Dalet-Vav, was likely an influence on THOMAS and the many TWO words below.  For words from Tahf-Aleph-vowel Vav-Mem,  see TEAM.

The Tahf-Mem opposite of the  Ta’AhM (pair, couple – Exodus 26:24) is the  solitary, forsaken       יתום YaTOAM, orphan (Exodus 22:21).


TWAIN retains the nasal (Noon) of the Edenic etymon, but  TWICE , TWELVE and TWENTY do not.  “Two” words without a end-nasal are more likely from Aramaic Dalet-Vav.  TWINS, like a TEAM, are a TWOSOME. Number TWO in many languages have the Tahf (any dental) and the Vav as consonant (V,W), these incluse:Afrikaans and Dutch twee, German zwei, Swedish tva and Yiddish tsvei. For D +

Daniel David of edenics.net suggests that the many global words like ONE are from   ANeeY (me).  When counting, only enough for ME, means that you only have ONE.

This may be why 2nd person T-vowel (see  THOU) is like number two)  (see DUO and here atTWIN) .  With 2 objects, the hunter-gatherer has one for a MATE, a TWIN or someone on his tribal TEAM.

Some of the AHD’smany cognates of ne are seen at NO.   Aleph-Yod-Noon involves what in missing or unseen. The built-in opposte is Ayin-Yod-Noon, [A]Yin, eye or facet – see EYE.  The Finnish suffix equivalent to the prefix –UN is –on.  In Polish ani means “ not even, neither, nor, not a bit.”

Bible Verses

Genesis 25:24 וימלאו ימיה ללדת והנה תומם בבטנה׃

“And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb.”



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