Origin of English word UMBRELLA

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The word UMBRELLA is addressed in the entry: SOMBRERO

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The Spanish wide-brimmed shade-hat is from Spanish.sombra, shade, shadow. There is no Indo-European “root” for SOMBRERO or for SOMBER (dark, gloomy).  French somber means dark too, but all these shadowy SMBR words are thought to be from Latin sub, under + umbra, a shade.  With the initial S lost in the sun, the AHD concocts an Indo-European “root”, andho (blind, dark) – see “UMBRELLA.” Here, a Biblical source for  Latin umbra, a shade, or vowel-nasal-B+R is the nasalized (plus M)   עור [E]eVer, blind (Leviticus22:22).

Both the shade-providing hat and the darkly gloomy SOMBER indicate that the Latin seems to have dropped the initial S, which may have ironically been preserved in Latinate languages.  In a typical etymological hatdance, dictionaries even insist that SOMBER (dark…thus gloomy or melancholy) is from sub, under, plus umbra, shade.   The etymology would be less under suspicion and less shady if a source-word with an s+nasal-bilabial-liquid was found.  סנור SaNVer means to blind; the noun of blindness (darkness) is   סנורים   $aNVeReeYM in Genesis 19:11. Closer to the shade-providing SOMBRERO, Aramaic סנורתא $aNVaRTAh is a metal helmet, and   סנורת $anVeReT is the modern Hebrew word for visor.


In Spanish, sombra means darkness, not merely shade.   S ombrilla , a parasol, explains why the UMBRELLA was named as a protective blind for the sun – and not for rain. Spanish sombrio (gloomy) explains why someone in a SOMBER mood has a cloud over their head.  All these SMBR words are from a nasal and a bilabial shift of  סנורים   $aNVeReeYM, blindness (Genesis 19:11) Not being able to see suggests עור Ayin-Vav-Resh (blind), and blocking out the sun sounds a lot like that first syllable סנ $ahN.  All the hats and parasols are to protect against sun-blindness or glare.   EDK renders סנור $ahNVeR as to “dazzle.”  The Samekh-Noon element is more likely related to words like סנה $ NeH (bush, Exodus 3:2, perhaps as providing shade), and  סנן $aNeN (to filter).

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