Origin of English word URBAN

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[BR → RB]


The AHD has no Indo-European “root” for URB and URBAN.  There is no known “city” word older than Latin urbs.  Such mysterious often coincide with an Edenic etymon that underwent a more drastic change, such as a metathesis.

Here, the Bet-Resh/BR has reversed from  בירה   (a capital city, large fortress –

I Chronicles 29:1). A straightforward etymon for the UR of words like SUBURBAN is  עיר [E]eYR, city --  Genesis 4:17.  Switching to the guttural  ע   Ayin/GH moves us away from URB, but closer to a fortress-city. In antiquity any important city עיר GHeeYR was surrounded by a   קיר QeeYR (wall – Numbers 35:4 – see COURT.)

The  opposite of URBANIZATION are the ע-ר Ayin-Reshvulnerable, lonely  words like ערוער [U]hROA[A}iR (solitary tree – Jeremiah 49:6) and  ערירי [U]hReeYReY (bare,alone, childless – Leviticus 20:20).


THE IE root that does refer to בירה   (a capital city, large fortress… often on a height) is bhergh- 2 ( high; with derivatives referring to hills and hill-forts .”  See BOROUGH.   The French urbaine is URBAN, which can make one URBANE.

Urbe , in Spanish, is a large city  At BONE the N of URBAN is suggested as part of a Bet-Noon build-up.

עיר GHeeYR (town) is like Fijian koro (village).

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Lugal-zage-si   1/16/2016 2:43:00 AM
And amongst the oldest cities of the world, you find UR and URUK. It's easy to believe that the words עיר and URBS find their origin there.

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