Origin of English word VAIL

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The word VAIL is addressed in the entry: VALLEY

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grassy place, field, “the plains of”


Lain vallis is the source of VALE and VALLEY; the Indo-European “root”  is thought to be wel- 3 (to turn, roll).  Hills roll, not valleys.  This is why the hilly regions in Israel are named for the Edenic root of rolling: Gimel-Resh , as in the Golan and the Galilee .  

1. A[V]aiL is defined as “a grassy place, field” in the Lexicon.  E.D. Klein suggests that this topographical term below hills is related to Aleph-Vav-Bhet-Lamed, a stream. Either way, Aleph-Bhet-Lamed means “the plains of” in Israelite place names in Manesseh (II Chronicles 16:4) and Issachar, as well as districts of the Philistines (I Samuel 6:18), the Ammonites and Moabites.

2. If the S in Latin vallis is part of the root, it may be from an M231 metathesis of Shin-Phey-Lamed (low – see SPILL). A bilabial shift

Would also be required. The SHiPHayLaH is Israel’s lowland spillway.


At least linguistically,  the city of A[V]aiL-Bet-M’[A]KhaH should be twinned with VAIL, Colorado.  (As Pardes Channa with Ann Arbor or Haifa with Capetown).

Bible Verses

I Samuel 6:18 ועכברי הזהב מספר כל־ערי פלשׁתים לחמשׁת הסרנים מעיר מבצר ועד כפר הפרזי ועד אבל הגדולה אשׁר הניחו עליה את ארון יהוה עד היום הזה בשׂדה יהושׁע בית־השׁמשׁי׃

“and the golden mice, according to the number of all the cities of the Philistines belonging to the five lords, both of fortified cities and of country villages, even unto Abel by the great stone, whereon they set down the ark of the LORD, which stone remaineth unto this day in the field of Joshua the Beth-shemite.” (JPS)



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