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A VAT is a large tank tub or cask. Anglo-Saxon faet (cask, vessel) is thought to derive from the Indo-European base ped or pod (to seize, hold), and is linked to German fassen (to hold, grasp). The given Indo-European “root” is ped (container). 

  חבית [K]Ha[V]eeYT is a barrel or cask  It comes from Aramaic חבתא [K]Ha[V]iTAh and Arabic habiya but is traced to Edenic חבא [K]HaBAh, to hide, cover – Genesis 3:8,10.  בת BahT is a liquid measure (I Kings 7:26), Anglicized as a “BATH.  It also means   a large cask.   חב Het-Bhet + בת Bet-Tahf = חבית   [K]Ha[V]eeYT, a barrel, cask  or VAT.


A dutch barrel ia a vat.  Other barrels of similar vintage include Italian botte,Rumanian butoi, German fass, and Turkish fici (where it imay be reversed). The BH-T element may be behind BODY (originally a cask term), BOTTLE, POT and (reversing BH-T) TUB. Cognates of VAT at ped include FETTLE and FRITTER. The Het-Bhet/ [K]H-BH first element of  K[H]aBH(eeYT) is also related to [K]HaBaH (to hide, cover – see   COVER) and K[H]eeBHYOANaH (small barrel, cask). The Latin vat, cupa, is related.; COWL is traced to cupa.

A HOPPER is a tank for liquid; reverse to pahu for the Hawaiian barrel. Japanese chibusa (woman's breast) is not related to K[H]aBHeeY(S) (jug) as much as to K[H]oaBH (bosom - Job31:33).

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