Origin of English word VATICAN

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The word VATICAN is addressed in the entry: VETERAN

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VETERAN is from Latin vetus or veteris (old) and the Indo-European “root” wet (year).

  ותיק VaTeeYQ means VETERAN, long-time or steady. The word is non-Biblical, but related to Arabic, occuring in BenSira 36:20 and the Talmud.        ותיק   VaTeeYQ is from [A] TeeYQ,  ancient  (IChronicles4:22), – see   ANTIQUE.


[E]eTeeY also means steady, periodic, ready or usual. Like EeTOAN (periodical, newspaper), it is from [A]iT (time – see ETERNAL).  [A]iT means season in Leviticus26:4, and year in Genesis18:14.

Greek etos is a year, whence ETESIAN - a cognate of VETERAN. (VT can be the same as ET). The many Hebrew Ayin to English B, V, W, permutations recall the familiar UmeansV formula; note the similarity between Latin vit(ulus) (yearling) and Greek et(os) (year).

VaT(eeYQ) and [A]iTare closely related because aVETERAN is seasoned.

Cognates of VETERAN at Indo-European “root” wet include ETESIAN, INVETERATE, VEAL, VETERINARY and VITELLUS.

VATIC (prophet) and VATICAN may be more closely related to words like  BHaDTaH (to utter words).

"Year" in Finnish is vousi. The Russian form of Ayinis pronounced the guttural way, so that their Ayin-Tahf, GHeT (year) is not pronounced like “ais” or “ait” but as got

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