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VERIFY is from the Indo-European “root” wero (true), from Latin verus (true). The Hebrew motto of Harvard College,  אמת EMeT (truth – see ETYMOLOGY) was changed to Latin veritas (truth). Harvard had outgrown its divinity school, where the first dissertation was on Hebrew as the Mother Tongue. Progressive, Classical secularism was in; archaic, biblical, Puritanical purity was out.

Harvard would be disappointed, but Latin  veritas (truth).is from Hebrew anyway.

ברור BaROOR means certain, evident; naturally developed from בר BaR, pure, clear (Psalms24:4 – see PURE). All B-words can be read as BH or V. ברורה   BROORaH also means clear, evident and lucid, but earlier translators prefer “pure” in Zephaniah 3:9, a verse important to Edenics:

    For then will I turn to the people a pure language,

    that they may all call upon the name of the Lord,

    to serve Him with one consent.  (KJV)

O ther Biblical    ב-ר   B - R terms of clarity are  באר    BAh’aiR  (to explain -- Deuteronomy1:5) and בהיר    BaHeeYR (bright, brilliant, clear – Job 37:21). See BARE.   The ב-ר   Bet-Resh sub-root is all about truth and VERITY – see ברי BaReeY, evident, at VERY.


The AHD’s cognates of VERIFY include AVER, VERDICT, VERITY, VERISIMILAR, and VERY.   See VERY.  The first element of VERONICA means truth. French hasveitable (genuine), verite (truth), vertu (virtue), vrai (true) and vraiment (really). Why is the similar French verre a glass?  Because, like truth, glass is  ברור BaROOR (crystal clear … evident).

  The AHD places VIRTUE and VIRTUAL with “VERILE.”  If you value truth over a macho sensibility you’ll prefer the  ב-ר   Bet-Resh source. 

Bra means “actually” in Afrikaans. VERIFICATION brings on faith; “faith” in Czech is vira.    In Irish the Bet shifts to F, as fir is true (clear as in evident), and follus is clear, manifest.   Also see the clarity of VERITY at VERIFY.

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