Origin of English word VEST

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clothing, apparel


Latin vestire is to clothe. The IE “root” drops the unhistoric T, as wes- is to clothe.  BOASH or VOAS(H) is to be ashamed (or ABASHED), and clothes are    ל Lamed / L’ (for) + the   בושה BOOSHaH (shame) of nakedness – see   ABASH  VESTMENTS or clothing is for shame, since the first couple in Genesis 2:25..

לבוש Li(V)OOSH is "clothing" in Job24:7 and "apparel" in Esther6:8. The Lamed-Bhet-Shin verb,  "to clothe," appears first in Genesis3:21, where God sets a precedent in clothing the naked.

The ב-ש Bet-Shin sub-root here means “clothes.”  It is the second of two sub-roots in   חבש K[H]aBHahSH ( to swaddle, bind a turban, or bandage a wound). The added    ב-ח   Het-Bhet sub-root means “held close,” as in חבק   K[H]aBHahQ (hug – see HOG). The ב-ח   Het-Bhet sub-root means is taken up at OWE.


Cognates of VEST at IE “root” wes include DEVEST, INVEST, REVEST, TRAVESTY and WEAR. VESTED, VESTEE, VESTIARY, VESTING, VESTMENT, VESTRY (perhaps VESTIBULE, like VESTRY, is a room to put clothes on), and VESTURE are also related.  

The IE “root” bhoso (naked) links up with the BASHFUL, clothes-less sense development discussed above. The root is also a fine antonym for its echo of  BaSaR (flesh). Derivatives of this root are BARE and BALLAST.  PaSHaDT (to remove, as clothes) is an antonym of the VS clothes root as well. Dress is elbise in Turkish. Change the L to R and the Turkish derivative of LiBHOOSH will resemble Russian and French clothes words like rubashka and robe. The French term gives us BATHROBE, DISROBE and ROBE.

The common Edenic word for clothes, BeGeD – Leviticus 6:20, is not fashionable in Indo-European tongues. The bilabial-guttural first part appears in the clothing words of Japanese (ifuku) and Indonesian (pakaian).    L’[V]OOSH is clothed.  Hungarian, non IE, retains the Lamed that Latin doesn’t use. There is an M231 metatheis seen in Hungarian visel (pronounced vi-shel – wear).

Bible Verses

Job 24:7 ערום ילינו מבלי לבושׁ ואין כסות בקרה׃

“They lie all night naked without clothing, and have no covering in the cold.”

Esther 6:8 יביאו לבושׁ מלכות אשׁר לבשׁ־בו המלך וסוס אשׁר רכב עליו המלך ואשׁר נתן כתר מלכות בראשׁו׃

“let royal apparel be brought which the king useth to wear, and the horse that the king rideth upon, and on whose head a crown royal is set;”



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